Friday, March 13, 2009

Mission San Xavier and Old Tucson Filmstudios

Leaving Tucson the next morning we stopped by the Mission San Xavier, one of the most beautiful missions in the whole U.S.

An impressive main altar in the church

The chapel on the side of the mission where people burn hundreds of candles to San Xavier or to the Holy Mary and hope their wishes come true

I wish I could capture not only the colors and the ambiance! It was so (!) warm from all those candles, I could not make a step into the chapel. I'm fascinated to see the strong believes people have in their religion

We left Tucson's skyline...

...drove over many fields more and more up to the hills of the Saguaro State Park

The State Park was named after the Saguaro cactus plant - here in a quick changing special wonderful sun light

Did you know that these Saguaro cacti are already 75 years old when they make their first "arm" ?

View from the high desert hills down into the valley

I have now maybe more than 200 Saguaro cacti pictures in my archives... LOL...

And then we finally climbed up all the step roads and arrived to the main attraction from our trip today: The "Old Tucson Film Studios". A visit that worth's to do and many film sets inside to see and to enjoy the actors playing sets out of old movies.

Just fifteen minutes from Tucson at the base of the Tucson Mountains lies a preserved slice of Americana, Old Tucson Studios. Passing through the gates of an old frontier town, visitors from around the globe are transported back to a time when fearless men with six shooters ruled the Old West. Saunter down the streets of Hollywood's most famous movies; walk in the footsteps of movie legends like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and hundreds more.

In addition to its historic role as a film location, Old Tucson Studios is Southern Arizona's premier outdoor entertainment venue with a full array of live shows, thrilling stunts, Old West dramas, saloon musicals, trail rides and fun for the whole family.

A coffee house that is selling sweets too

I have visited of course also a photographer friend! She was very busy doing portraits from tourists dressed up as Saloon girls :))

Cowboy romantic or "home sweet home"

Who doesn't remember the TV series :High Chaparral", right? This was the set to the entrance to the ranch.

Some stand shots out of the filming to "High Chaparral"

"The Reno" train was used in movies also with Clint Eastwood and in the well known old timer movie "Rio Bravo" - and in lot of other movies too

"Yes I do" scenes and others too were filmed in this chapel

Actors were showing a gun shot scene out of "Billy the Kid"

When cowboys are shooting each other is the coffin maker not to far away either

Miss Kitty and her dancing girls in the Grand Palace Hotel Saloon

The girls were great and pretty!

Can you dance the "Can - Can" like she does? :))

David had a small talk with the sheriff after another demo of actors by the mission

Hi my friends,

thanks you very much again for your kind comments to my last post yesterday.
I hope you'll enjoy the pictures about the "Hollywood in the high desert" like I did! And if you ever have a chance to be close by Old Tucson, VISIT that place! You will NOT regret, I swear! :)

I wish you all a nice coming weekend. I'll try to post every day if my connection let me do that! :)

Susanne and David


Anna said...

Oh Susanne, these are nice images, and the sky, and I love the train photo, and everything else. You two really made a right choice to do this trip, as I am itching badly - but probably not until I retire, lol. Thanks for sharing, all the best to David. Anna :)

Sue said...

That was a great travelogue...great photos and narration. You make the area look beautiful and inviting.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful, beautiful photos. The clouds in the shots are just incredible. Thank you for sharing you wonderful trip Susanne.

The Retired One said...

Wonderful..again! I really loved the clouds in the chapel picture...and of course all the desert pictures...I know now that I have to go visit out west!

Bob Johnson said...

Great shots Susanne, I love Cacti and gunfights, very cool. I too will be going on an adventure, to China.

GMG said...

Hi Sue!
So you posted silently and moved on? ;)) Come on, you have been posting everyday... ;)
OK! I'll take some time...
Let's start with the incredible sunrise in Roswell and the black mountains of New Mexico. Amazing!!
Than we have the warm colours of Silver City. Incredible!
Then we have blooming cactus, ghost towns and endless highways... Excellent!
After that comes the Arizona sunset. Awesome!
And finally Tucson and a stunt show. Outstanding!
Everything captured with your unbeattable lens...
I'm delighted!!

Meanwhile Blogtrotter has just Akbar’s capital city for you. Enjoy and have a great weekend and a great trip!

richies said...

It has been cold and rainy here for several days. Your bright sunny photos cheered me up. I think you are having entirely too much fun.

An Arkies Musings

kRiZ cPEc said...

awesome performance! I'm afraid my legs would be broken if I tried to dance like her.


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