Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leaving Old Tucson to Quartzsite, AZ

We left Old Tucson and drove the I-10 towards Phoenix with terrible traffic situations - but we made it trough with our "box" :) Those black spots are skydivers - and not spots in my lens...LOL..

Beautiful mountain scenes with even "Baby Mountains" like this one, were to see to the left and to the right of the street

...and still 84 miles to go!

The desert was blooming, so pretty!

The yellow bushes were everywhere, also between the cacti on the hills beside the road

...and finally: Quartzsite came in sight! A little sleepy town with 1900 population only in summer - and almost 250'000 in winter, the time when the snowbirds are there. We stayed one night there before we left to our next big goal: California!

If you pass through Quartzite in summer, the answer to this question is, “Absolutely nothing.” You will see flat desert, some roadside businesses, tumbleweeds and that’s about it.

But come winter, the answer is quite different. Each winter the flat desert bustles with activity. RVs by the thousands camp in fairly primitive desert conditions. So what’s the attraction? Well, it's warm in Quartzite during winter, for one. And, second, it's pretty inexpensive camping.

Hi my friends,

thank you for the nice comments and all the compliments to my last post. I'm glad you liked that little "Movie town" like I did! :)

We made it today trough Los Angeles, we have seen Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice and so much more. I'm looking forward to present to you soon all the pictures I made. But first we will pass together in my next postings the big desert in Yuma AZ with real white sand dunes and only 300 feet away from the border to Mexico. Stay tuned and stay patient with me. :))

Susanne and David


Anne Vis said...

Beautiful shots, what an inspiring and wonderful journey you are on!

Anonymous said...

The desert is such an amazing place. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

You both seem to have the time of your life ;-)
You are seeing great things and gladly you can share them with all of us!

Have a great time and looking forward to all your adventures coming up.


This Makes My Day said...

I never have seen a blooming desert for real, that is really amazing, like a little wonder!

Gran said...

Beautiful! Great pictures.

Marcie said...

Absolutely majestic scenery! Just gorgeous!! Looks like you're enjoying your 'tour'!!!

Carole said...

It's nice to see things blooming. Lovely shots Sue.

Canvas Print said...

very beautiful, your pictures are refreshing especially when i see flowers blooming. keep it up!


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