Friday, March 13, 2009

Arizona Sunset

We stayed one night in the Saguaro National Park, AZ and had the chance to watch a wonderful sunset in the West and on the horizon in the East was the rising moon coming up

Arizona moon between the red colored mountains at the Saguaro National Park

Beautiful evening light in the high desert!

Last sunbeams on the cacti

An intense glow colored the sky after the sun went down behind the high mountains!

Hi my friends,

We are arrived in California today and we are planning to stay here around for a while here before we will be heading up more North at the coast line!

I'm behind with my postings now, I know... I hope you'll still enjoy my posts from Arizona and also the future ones. There will come some more from a very special place we have visited there around Tucson, still in Arizona. And then there will come also some pictures from our driving from AZ to CA with interesting landscape changes - pictures from the high desert down into the valleys and to the yellow/white sand hills at the border to Mexico... stay tuned! :))

Thank you so much for your visits and all the nice comments and compliments, they are all very much appreciated!

Susanne and David


Anonymous said...

You never disappoint-- your photos are always beautiful. I'm enjoying them very much.

roentarre said...

Simply gorgeous sunset images to admire. I love the beauty in these shots. The colour are just mesmerising

Carole said...

Hiya Sue, sorry I haven't been on your blog for a while. I've got a lot of catching up to do. LOL

Lovely shots of the sun going down and i love the light on the cactus. beautiful sunset

Marcie said...

Colors are absolutely spectacular...just like I imagined Arizona to be!!!

The Retired One said...

No rush...we will all be here waiting to see them, whenever you are ready to post them!
Safe Travels!!

RennyBA said...

This is breath taking Sue - so wonderful proof of the beauty of nature.

Quite different scenery from Norway where we have winter and snow right now.

Happy Weekend :-)

Ron Russell said...

Always enjoyed my trips to Arizona. So much to see---never cared much for the cities and towns, but the great outdoors there is something else. Great scenes and photos of the region. Many memories revived--thing thats what photography is suppose to do.

Anna said...

Susanne the Arizona sunsets are beautiful, been there before, but not during sunsets. Oh your trip is so nice. Anna :)

Bob Johnson said...

Awesome Susanne!!


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