Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good bye New Mexico - Hello Arizona

We left Silver City and drove down the hills towards Lordsburg and took the highway towards Arizona. In the pictures are the Cupper mines of Tyron to see.

This is how it looks out in the desert: long straight roads for miles to go and mountains, mountains, all over you can see!

Tuscon in Arizona cannot be to far away - only 173 miles or something like that... :))

We stopped by a ghost town named STEIN - it was closed because of to many ghost activities...LOL... it was not open for the public anymore

And this is how STEIN looks - old buildings and ruins that have seen better times

But the UNION PACIFIC train is still around and searching his way up the hills - very slowly

Soon after STEIN we crossed the state line to Arizona. I always wanted to see this beautiful "Grand Canyon State"

Pretty soon also the landscape started to change the colors to big red rocky formations

I'm fascinated with cactus flowers and cactus plants. You will see more of them in my coming next photos, visiting some National Parks and the heart of the desert of Arizona

If they are blooming red cactus....

...or yellow cactus flowers - they are all magnificent for me!

We arrived in Tuscon Arizona and outside of the city we have found a great place to spend the night: on the parking lot of the Desert Diamond Casino which is owned by Tohono O'odham Indian tribe. And of course, YES, we went to the Casino - and YES, we did some gamblings - and NO, we didn't won....LOL... we lost a little bit of our pocket money :)).... no problems, maybe next time we will be more lucky!

Hi my friends

Thank you very much for all your nice comments and compliments to my post about Silver City. Yes it was a nice experience for both of us to visit that hill town in New Mexico, close to the Arizona border. And the ride to Arizona was pretty too. Arizona is a very nice state and there is a lot to see also. We will visit probably Sedona, AZ on our way back coming from Las Vegas, some when in summer or so...

Tomorrow I will show you some photos from a very great and exciting place in the heart of the desert and up in the hills. We slept there in one of the big Sate Parks and I have captured for you a mountain sunset. So stay tuned!

Looking forward to your comments and see you soon!

Susanne and David


Anonymous said...

Thanks for more great shots Susanne. I love the part of the country you are in. Very beautiful. Glad your trip is going so well.

Marcie said...

Love the cactus flowers. Looks like a whole new and interesting landscape!!!

richies said...

I am loving your travelogues. Makes me wish I was traveling somewhere. The cactus photos are great.

An Arkies Musings

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

You sure are having a great time, Susanne!!! What gorgeous travel photos. I can't wait to see your future cactus pics. Have fun, dear.

Hugs, JJ

Dakota Bear said...

Definitely go to the Grand Canyon and Sedona they are both breathtaking. I was there three years ago.

Carole said...

love your accounts of your journey Sue. Lovely catus flowers.

Anna said...

Wow, these are nice photos again, and I love the cactus with yellow flowers. Anna :)

Tammy said...

I just found your site and was showing my oldest daughter who is 14 and she's like i remember that Mom and she was only 2 at the time. So brought back memories of when I lived in Lordsburg, NM and went to Steins what a neat place to see.


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