Saturday, March 07, 2009

From Roswell to Silver City

What a nice view to start the day VERY early: with a beautiful sunrise in "Roswell". We left early this morning our night place at Wal Mart parking lot

I did'nt know that New Mexico is such a beautiful and colorful state. The landscape changes were very overwhelming for me! Do you see the black mountains in the back ground? That's where we have to go.

Coming closer to those mountains, the landscape was changing again to black rolling hills with very yellow grass to the left and to the right of the street.

And then it was going down hill into the darker, almost black mountains....

and there opend up a wide yellow valley in front of us with a very rich vegetation.

It's spring time already in the valley!

We were on the scenic byway of "Billy the Kid" in the "Mescalero Apache Reservation" and the mountains changed from black to green, very similar to the North Carolina mountains.

Horses in "Hondo"

Apache Casinos on the route to "Ruidoso"

And this was the biggest and most wonderful view I ever have seen in my life! The way down to "Tularosa" in the valley. That white stripe are the "White Sands" and behind the high mountains of "San Andreas" with a peak of 8241 feet! I will never forget this magnificent view anymore!

Arrived down in "Alamogordo" we stopped at a Pistachio farm and bought some of these delicious nuts - and for me a nice shirt with pretty Indian designs!

These are pistachio trees and in the back you can see the "White Sands".

We took the road #70 from "Alamogordo" to "Las Cruces" driving very close by the "White Sands" and the "Missile Range" area, where the U.S. Army is testing their missiles. There was also a spot where the Space Shuttle will land if the weather is to bad in Florida.

A pretty scene with the "White Sands"

The Yuccas are blooming now!

I guess this picture belongs to the city scene of "Alamogordo", coming into town. I have seen so many beautiful scenes on our way until today, sometimes I'm mixing up the photos, sorry for that! :)

After passing the "White Sands" we had to drive into the high mountains again. Our RV had to "work" hard on those steep hills.

And on the other site was opening up a beautiful wide desert aeria with such a strong (!!) wind and there were everywhere starting small sand storms to see - not something that we needed just now!

This is the train on the way to "Deming"

Big ranches, a lot of cows and a big sand storm was coming up. We were hoping to make it trough without any problems - and we did. In "Deming" we took the road #180 towards "Silver City", a town way up in the hills. Happily, we left the storm behind us.

Desert impressions

Beautiful scenery on our way to Silver City

We arrived in "Silver City" and we have found a nice RV-Campground with the name "Rose Valley RV Ranch" and decided to stay here for two nights and to explore this city. Tomorrow I will show you some photos from this very photogenic little town. Stay tuned!

Silver City
is a vibrant community in Grant County, New Mexico, nestled alongside more than 3 million acres of the Gila Wilderness. With historic ties to mining, ranching and agriculture, our community has grown into a modern town with friendly people, growing businesses and a terrific year-round climate.

Susanne and David


Peter (Worldman): said...

Very beautiful landscapes and sceneries. Some remind me of places in Africa where I have been.

papercages said...

Very wonderful shots. A beautiful part of the country indeed.

The Retired One said...

I love these because I have never seen that part of the country!
It almost looks like you are alone on many of these without any other traffic or people...which really is neat to imagine!

Danny said...

Hi Sue - I'm really enjoying seeing the photos of your trip and to read about your excitement about New Mexico. We were there last year - have some photos on Wakeup of White Sands too - was surprised to learn the German air force trains there- especially like the trees temporarily buried by the shifting sand dunes - we love New Mexico are going to spend the winters there - my son was just in Alamogordo on a roadtrip with 5 of his college buddies on Mar 2-3. Have a great trip!

Marcie said...

Gorgeous countryside! Am seeing a whole other world in your images!!!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, you take wonderful photos of our area! Enjoy your stay in Silver City! It's a great place! Linda Ferrara

Gran said...

These are breathtaking! What a trip!

silken said...

what great pictures! I am glad you are getting to see all the wonderful scenery across the nation (you really are flying through!) from the beach to the desert mountains! I have never seen pistachio trees before! thanks for sharing!

Anne Vis said...

Awesome shots!!!

OregonArtGuy said...

Hi Sue: Love your blue sky - down the road pics - I yearn to travel. Really like your cactus pic. And now a purely selfish observation - I mean no misfortune to you, but I was almost able to keep up with your posts when you we broke down - That RV must have "Warp Drive"! I enjoy your photos as always,

This Makes My Day said...

Hi Sue,

What a great series of photos, I'm deeply impressed by your photos and the beauty of the landscapes. I'm a big fan of highways like those on your photos which curl through a rough landscape. It's a big joy and ultimate relaxation to drive with that panorama, great!!

kiester18 said...

nice's to exchange links?

Lynda Lehmann said...

Looks as if you're having a marvelous trip and the time of your life, Susanne! I'm very happy for you! Exciting.... :)

Carole said...

The hills have great shapes to them and i thought the white sand was snow till I read.


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