Friday, March 06, 2009

From Fort Stockton,Tx to Roswell in New Mexico

We left "Apache Springs" in Texas - outside of Fort Stockton - and we drove for hours the 285 North over flat country and farm land with many oil wells and pretty landscape.

We arrived in Pecos, the home of the world first rodeos

Entering now the State of New Mexico - Viva la vida!

The sky was very dark in Artesia but not because of coming rain, it was because of a sand storm building up all over the flat regions there.

The street was straight as an arrow for miles - it seemed like it will never end!

In a little village with the nice name "Loving" was the main attraction this sculpture of a Cowboy on a horse.

Very nice to see were also the already slight green blooming trees against the blue sky on the way to Carlsbad

Or all the Yucca plants, a typical plant in this hot and dusty area

Somebody tried to shoot into this sign - Billy the kid maybe - or just some drunk Cowboys?... LOL.. :))

In the middle of no man's land was "Lake Arthur" - a real lake in this dry desert area

Carlsbad was not a place for me to stay, nothing exciting to see except the only one attraction is a big natural cave outside of Carlsbad, that's it - nothing more. I don't like caves to much! The same disappointment was Roswell for me. All over town you can see all those "Alien" shops, filled with plastic toys and souvenir kitsch about "Area 501". A lot of the business were tuned into that "out of space" and "U.F.O." kitsch.

Like this one very well known Supermarket - and that was surprising for me too.

Also Wal Mart was into UFO's and Aliens etc.... we stayed that night on their parking lot and were shaken nearly brainless by the horrendous desert wind.

Hi my friends,

thanks again for all your visits and kind compliment. You're right, this country is beautiful and it changes its landscape so often and in such a wonderful way! You all can be very proud of your country!

I will show you tomorrow from our trip today from Roswell trought real desert areas with white sand, yellow grass and high mountains. We are arrived tonight here on a nice campground at almost 6000 feet high and we drove since our start in January more than 4000 miles!!

See you tomorrow!
Susanne and David


Peter (Worldman): said...

Beware of the drunken cowboys shooting into boards and UFO's that might be flying around. We don't want anything happen to you, we want to see more of your trip.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Susanne for the updates. Growing up in Colorado and having the same kind of weather that N.M. has I laughed out loud at your description of being 'shaken nearly brainless' by the wind. I remember those winds so well. Thanks for the pictures and the laugh.

DianeCA said...

Wow flat land!!! Renny loves to take picture of rolls of hay. They often make interesting images.

Gran said...

Great pictures and updates!

RennyBA said...

Great pics - thanks for keeping us posted on your trip!

Happy Weekend :-)

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, Billy The Kid, awesome shots Susanne!! Pick up some alien souvenirs from Roswell,lol. Man is it flat there too, just like here in Saskatchewan.

We have Yucca plants here in our mall foodcourt, would be cool to see them in their natural habitat.

roentarre said...

Stunning images in this series. I feel so much road trip just looking at the images alone. Great landscape!

The Retired One said...

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