Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a pretty morning today!

That's the look out to the the water this morning, walking to the pier from the campground in Carrabelle, FL

Sitting on those chairs is for sure a nice place to be and to watch the sun setting into the Gulf of Mexico, if there is a sunset. Yesterday we had no sunset, it was gray and cloudy. In the night we had heavy rainfall and very strong winds but happily no tornadoes, they went trough little more in the North in Georgia.

In this case, thank you all for crossing your fingers for us :)

This is the view to the RV Park in Carrabelle, FL where we spent our night. Today we plan to head more to West. Maybe we will make it to the Alabama today!

See ya' later there.... and have a great time too!
Susanne and David


Anonymous said...

Very pretty shots.

Marcie said...

Wonderful collection of wooden boardwalks and walkways. Especially love the first one - it's composition..and how it leads your eye.

Mari' said...

So lovely! Seems you are having such an enjoyable trip.

Bob Johnson said...

Great shots Susanne, love how the Sun rays still sneak through the clouds.

Barbara said...

These are beautiful. I really enjoy the picture with the sun's rays shining though the clouds.
Smiles B

Gran said...

Looks warm!

The Retired One said...

I also liked the sunrays and the pier.
It isn't as warm down here as I thought so I bet it was chilly on the pier when you shot those photos.
It is supposed to get back up in the high 70's here in Madeira Beach by Tuesday.

Anna said...

Yes Susanne that is very pretty morning! Excellent shots of the wooden decks. Anna :)


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