Thursday, February 19, 2009

Visiting Apalachicola

After leaving Carabelle, FL this morning we are arrived in Apalachicola, a pretty and dreamy fishing village where the people are still hard working in the shrimping and oyster businesses. There is a pretty haven with all the old and rusty looking fishing boats - a big excitement for every photographers eye! Enjoy the photos.

Maybe 35 shrimp boats are sitting in this small port

Also the dog enjoys the warm sun on the dock while his master is working on the boat

A "night stranger" has found his way back into the harbor

Rusty chains...

More rusty chains :)

This looks very organized!

Pretty colors

The "chain gang"

Totally abstract

Apalachicola in Florida

A trading post called Cottonton was located on the current site of Apalachicola. In 1827, the town was incorporated as West Point. Apalachicola received its current name in 1831, by an Act of the Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida.

Before the development of railways in the Gulf states, Apalachicola was the third busiest port in the Gulf of Mexico (behind New Orleans and Mobile). In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the sponge trade, led by Greek immigrants, was a major industry in the town. Apalachicola is still the home port for a variety of seafood workers, including oyster harvesters and shrimpers. More than 90% of Florida's oyster production is harvested from Apalachicola Bay. Every year the town hosts the Florida Seafood Festival. The bay is well protected by St. Vincent Island, Flag, Sand, St. George Island, and Cape St. George Island.

Hi my friends,

thank you so much for all your nice comments to my post from this morning. I really appreciate your words. Tomorrow I will post a wonderful sunset that I have captured this evening. This was a beautiful sunset again since a long time, after living more than a year at the Atlantic site where only sunrises happen, are sunsets also for me something exciting. Come back tomorrow - see ya'there! :)

Susanne and David


dodong flores said...

Beautiful set of photos here. I simply love this series...

Sue said...

I've kind of forgotten...did "Katrina" hit here?

I love the abstract images toward the end of your post, but the first few images provided a sense of time and place.

Anonymous said...

Great bunch of shots. You guys must be having the time of your lives.

The Retired One said...

LOVED the blues in the one of the fishing nets...looks as varied as the colors of the ocean!

Anna said...

Susanne and David, and exactly what are you going to do once you finish your adventure - will there be another one, lol. Susanne the colors of the nets is so cool, that is such a nice photo, good good eye. Anna :)


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