Sunday, February 22, 2009

From Alabama to Texas!

After our visit in LuLu's ("crazy sista" of Jimmy Buffet - see my post from yesterday) we were heading towards Mobile Alabama and crossing soon the border over to Mississippi

This is the welcome sign at the Tourist Information Center

And in Mississippi are the Magnolias blooming already

The main attraction here was a trainer that was used since the 1960's. Also the astronauts from Apollo 13 were trained in this capsule.

This is now the Lunar Lander

Fred Haise was one of the astronauts of the mission of Apollo 13 and he was a local guy from the region here in Mississippi

This is the moment before we crossed over the bridge and also over the famous Mississippi River in Baton Rouge in Louisiana

View down to the "good old Mississippi", captured out of the car

Always take also a look back! This is the skyline of Baton Rouge, LA

The oil industrial area of Lake Charles, LA

We were driving also trough heavy swampy areas

And arrived at the border to Texas

Friendly welcome signs everywhere!

Hi my friends,

Thank you for all your kind comments to my last post and for visiting my blog. I do appreciate your words and your loyal visits.

We are arrived now in Texas, not to long ago. Only some miles behind the border at I-10 we have found a nice little campground. I'm pretty happy for that, then last night we spent a night on a Truck Stop again and it was raining like crazy and not so friendly looking around us. It was the first time on our trip that I felt a little bit insecure. But we "survived" the night well and we were driving almost the whole day long - to Texas. What I need now is a real Texas hat, right...? :)

We don't know just now what we will do and where we wanna go tomorrow. Maybe down to the Gulf shores to Galveston and Port Aransas to enjoy the beaches and to watch the wildlife. Who knows.... we will see...

Stay tuned and see you soon again with new pictures.
Susanne and David


Sue said...

Goodness you are certainly covering the miles! And, I can't believe the magnolias are in bloom all ready.

Robin said...

Rest stops can be scarry stuff. Stay safe!!

papercages said...

Thanks for the pics. I used to live in Baton Rouge and it is good to see the skyline again. I also lived in several different cities in Texas many years ago. This is really giving me traveling fever. Thanks again for sharing the pictures.

richies said...

As many times as I have been in Baton Rouge, I have never photographed the bridge or the skyline. I'm to busy driving. I cant wait to get back there and see those grandkids again.

An Arkies Musings

Peter (Worldman): said...

Your pictures give envy. And it seems that you have now reached full "cruising altitude".

OregonArtGuy said...

Hi Sue: Boy! you guys don't let any grass grow under your feet!! I like all your pics as always, but really like the Magnolias blooming!

Marcie said...

Am so enjoying this tour!!! Wonderful images. I've never been to this part of the country. Fun to see it thru your lens!!!

Mari' said...

I've travelled your route. Your pictures bring memories. How get yourself a great hat and some styling cowboy'll want them as you continue west!

The Retired One said...

I really liked the one of the swamp!

Anna said...

Wow what a bridge Susanne. Thanks for sharing. I think George Bush is living in Texas, say hello if you run into him, lol, he is a private citizen now so never know. Excellent photos as always. Anna :)


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