Saturday, February 21, 2009

LuLu's Homeport, Gulf Shores Alabama

Last night we slept on the parking lot of the Wal-Mart in Gulf Shores AL because we didn't get into the State Park there. That was o.k. with us, we had a quiet place to sleep. The next morning - today! - we went visiting LuLu's Restaurant at Homeport Marina, a very special place that YOU should not miss to see if you're in that region.

Have a look at her website: and you will understand what I'm showing you with my pictures here!

The little gift shop pavillion by LuLu's. Of course I have a new Tshirt from there too :)

The entrance to the restaurant

Inside view of the restaurant

Outdoors - with the sandy white beach

A real beach scene for everybody to enjoy

also kids can have fun here....

A very smart selling and marketing system is behind this business with more than 180 employees - Lucy Buffets PR is decorating the walls

A woodden pelican is spreading his wings - a nice decoration at the restaurant sealing

The ice cream corner with a lot of tasty choices

LuLu's colorfull painted houses - makes you feel like you're in Key West

LuLu's fountain for youths

What a pretty waiting spot for getting seated. In a nice talk with Brenda, a manager of the place, told us that in season time over 4000 people (per day !!) are visiting this place!

Hi my friends,

thanks again for all the nice comments to my yesterdays sunset shots.

We are arrived in the State of Louisiana already!!! We drove after our visit by "LuLu's" over to Mobile, AL then trough Mississippi and arrived here on a Truck-Stop place short befor Baton Rouge for the night. btw, it's raining like crazy!!!

Tomorrow we will drive to Texas. The exact place where we will be I don't know today, but maybe we'll be going toward Austin... we will see.... Stay tuned with me!

Susanne and David


Gran said...

Feeding 4,000 people a day is hard work, I'll bet.

Lulu's menu looks really yummy--I like the looks of the Greek Salad myself.

Have a safe trip to Texas!

Peter (Worldman): said...

I like the inside view of Lulu's. It shows that some simple architecture can be made joyful by painting pipes.

papercages said...

Very colorful pics. I love the one of the door. Wow, you guys are almost flying. I'm looking forward to the next pictures.

Sue said...

What a colorful and fun place LuLu's looks like! Did you have to ask the owner for permission to take photos? I often wonder about that when I go places.

DianeCA said...

We do hope you get into the campground this time!! What a lovely colorful place this was. I especially like the sand toys for the kids to play with. I remember how important it was for me to relax that the kids had something fun to keep them occupied. I would like to lay in a beach chair and curl my toes in the sand right now. I don't recommend trying it in my back yard at this time of year!

richies said...

LuLu's looks like a great place. It looks like you are enjoying your travels.

An Arkies Musings

The Retired One said...

I love the pastel houses down here at the beach and the old 50's and 60's beachside hotels! I hope to get some photos of the old hotels because I think they are funky!

Marcie said...

Looks like such fun! Love the colors!!!

Anonymous said...

I love LuLu's! I remember the old location before they moved to Gulf Shores. They have such a fun atmosphere and the food is really good.

I prefer to go in the slower months before it gets too packed.

Thanks for sharing - loved the photos!

Bob Johnson said...

What a cool restaurant, and Susanne, you're making me crazy with your sand and palm trees, so wish I were there.

Carole said...

What a colourful and wonderful place. I love the wooden pelican

billco said...

Nice photos of Lulus. She's got a booming business for sure.

Anna said...

Susanne, I like that Lulu place, lol, what a name. Kidding aside, so colorful, and refreshing place and you captured it so well. Anna :)


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