Tuesday, February 24, 2009

From Winnie TX to Corpus Christi TX

Driving down from the high lands to the sea shores, all what you will see is
flat, flat, flat landscapes

Entering Bolivar Peninsula - in front of you the glimmer of the Gulf of Mexico

The first oil wells drilling that I have seen in my life - and there will be many more in Texas, I guess. :)

It was a bad view what we get to see here on this Bolivar Peninsula: the remains of the damages from Hurricane "Ike" from last September 2008! People are still cleaning up. The landscape looks very sad, it looked like after a war, not kidding! The houses were totally swiped out from the storm - very sad pictures to see. See here more:

Click in the picture and you can see the big damage closely!

Or pictures like this to the left and to the right side of the road! It made me very sad to see this today, still after so many weeks and months all the debris around in the fields.

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The light house at Port Bolivar

We took the Ferry ride over to Galvaston. It was a nice 20 minutes ride and it was free. There was a bridge to Galvaston before "Ike" came.

Seagulls were accompanying the Ferry with their loud screams, begging for food

At the water shores of Galvaston

There were many big and colorful Mansions in this town and there were built in the very nice Victorian style architecture

We took the road down to Corpus Christi at the Gulf shores. It was getting dark and at Lake Texana I get a real prairie sunset to photograph.

Hi my friends,

Just now, writing this post I'm sitting at the beach on Mustang Island in Port Aransas,Tx. It is paradise out here! We can park our RV at the beach, maybe 10 feet away from the waves, rolling to the shores with a loud sound. David made a little video, I'll try to download it too for you :) stay tuned!!!

Thanks for all the comments again, very much appreciated. I'm so sorry, that I cannot visit all your blogs anymore, like I did. I hope you understand, I really don't have the time anymore to hang in the Internet, like I did before - I hope it doesn't sounds like a cheap excuse, because it is'nt one! Thank! :)

Susanne and David


Anonymous said...

Some very powerful photos. I can only imagine what it is like to see it in person. Pretty sunset. Thanks for sharing Susanne.

The Retired One said...

I liked the one of the upside down house by the cemetery...but I feel so sorry for who owned it.

Mindy Stanley said...

you weren't far from me! we are about 15 mins north of beaumont-our ike damage was nothing compared to what bolivar saw-horrible there-great job capturing it...be safe and keep enjoying yourselves!

Lifecruiser said...

Such a damaged are. Must be a terrible sight.

Love the lighthouse photo and the sunset. Gorgeous!

Of course we understand that you got no time to comment. No pressure.

I comes here to see your beautiful photos - when I have time for it :-)

Osaidullah Kehar said...

Your capturing is awesome, Sue!!
Specially the sunset.
As you've said that you don't have enough time, but if ya get some visit my photo blog of photography of Pakistan.


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