Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lily Flower in my yard

Oriental Lily 'Siberia'
COLOR: white
HEIGHT: 24-36"
LOCATION: Full sun - semi shade
DURATION: July - August
USE: Bedding plant, cut flower.
ZONE: 3 - 8
SIZE: 14-16cm
CONSIDERATIONS: Fragrant, spectacular color, 10" flower size, long lasting flowers. Easy to grow.

growin' tips...
Lilium (Lily)

Plant bulbs in full sun and well-drained soil. Mulch or plant to keep roots shaded and cool. Fertilize Lilies after shoots begin to emerge. Use any organic fertilize follow the directions on the container. Stake tall varieties. Remove spent flowers but leave entire stem standing until it turns brown in fall. If you cut blooms for arrangements, take no more than one third of the stem; cutting more will reduce the ability of the plant to store energy for next year's blooms.

To grow Lilies in containers, choose a 12"+ in diameter. Add a 2-3" layer of potting mix to the pot, set the bulbs in place, cover with mix, and water thoroughly. The tops of the bulbs should be planted at least 4" deep. A 12" pot will hold 3 bulbs.
Note, Lilies, especially those grown in the ground, often take another year after planting to achieve their full height.

The first year they sleep;
the second year they creep;
the third year they leap.

Author Unknown


Bob Johnson said...

Love the colors, beautiful.

Susanne in Key West said...

Thank you Bob!:-))

evlahos said...

wonderful capture, great treatment

Susanne in Key West said...

Thank you evlahos!

You are my loyal fan, visiting every day and writing your comments, that I very appreciate!

Anna said...

Susanne very nice lily flower photo, I know it grows in your garden at this time of the year, but for some reason your colors reminded me winter. Oh we already have winter here why do I need the reminder. In fact it is raining all day today, and haven't check but they worry that in Toronto they may have floods. I guess we can call this a global warming now. Anyway this is such a nice photo, you have captured it very nicely, and I don't care if you have hundred years of experience - lady you got talent. Moving on to the next post...Anna :)

Susanne in Key West said...

Whoo-hoo...blush! I cannot handle so many compliments in one comment, Anna...LOL...

THANK you so much! And thank you for all the time you spent writing me so many wonderful comments to my posts! I have alsways big fun to read it.

It's nice to have you as my blogger friend.

Merry Christmas to you, Anna!


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