Monday, December 22, 2008

Beach Boys and the Pier in December

He is going out with his surf board and looking for the great waves

If everybody had an ocean
Across the U.S.A.
Then everybody'd be surfin'
Like South Carolina-i-a
You'd seem 'em wearing their baggies
Huarachi sandals too
A bushy bushy blonde hairdo
Surfin' U.S.A.

Read the full lyrics of the Beach Boy's song here

Playing ball at the beach on a sunny December the 18th afternoon....

There are a lot of activities going on...

Waiting for the big catch

Always have a look back to the scene: Folly Beach is so pleasant also in winter time!

My first photo book about Key West is published now!
"Good Times in Key West - Seven Years in Paradise"
You can see a preview and place your order here

A nice present, not only for Key West fans.

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Anonymous said...

Really gorgeous shots.

Susanne49 said...

Thank you very much, Tricia! :)

NIX said...

Nice work you have there. Great shorts

Susanne49 said...

Thank you NIX,

for this kind comment. It's nice to see new faces on my blog :

OregonArtGuy said...

Nice pics - I used to do that. Oh, BTW I think you may have misspelled Califor-ni-a :-}
I was 12 years old and in the Boy Scouts when "Surfin USA" came out - boy those were fun times....

Susanne49 said...

Yes, the Beach Boy times were fun times for me too :)

Thanks for your comment, Bill!

Bob Johnson said...

Thank you for posting the beach, I so wish I were there right now,lol. I got your book Susanne, very cool and very timely, nice to dream of the warmer climates.

ps, beautiful Sunsets!

Susanne49 said...

Thank you Bob for this comment. I'm very pleased to hear that you like my photo book about Key West!

Marcie said...

So strange to see these beach images..when here we are buried in beautiful white fluffy snow!!!

Susanne49 said...

Thank you so much Marcie.

I know it's not fair to you guys up there to show beach pictures...LOL...:)

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Love your shots...such soul to them! I am going to look at getting your book. RIGHT up my alley for sure!

Susanne49 said...

Thank you Linda,

for your kind comment and for your promise to buy my book. I'm sure you'll like it as a fellow Floridian! :)

Nice to see new faces visiting again.

Gran said...

Boy, I wish I was on that beach right now, after trudging home in the snow :)

Nice blog, and thanks for following me!

Susanne49 said...

Thanks for the nice compliment, Gran! I like to follow your blog :)

Peter (Worldman): said...

After the heat of Sudan and now the cold of Switzerland, I should go and look for a place with nice, warm and sandy beaches.

Merry Christmas to David and you.

Anna said...

Hey Susanne, amazing wave shots! Have you tried surfing?

So Susanne, xmas is almost almost here, and I would like to wish you happy holidays, many new adventures in the new year, and definitely looking forward to your updates and posts.

It has been another great year my friend. All the best to you and your family.

Anna :)

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What great beach pics, Susanne!!! I can feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin.

THANK YOU!!! Michigan is an icebox right now.

Happy Holidays, dear friend. :D

Hugs, JJ

Susanne49 said...

Thank you Anna,

for all these wonderful words to Christmas, very much appreciated!:)

Susanne49 said...

Thank you Peter,
for your kind comment and for the nice blog friendship over all these last months!

Do you surf...? :)

Susanne49 said...

Thanks for your comment, JJ!

I'm so sorry to hear about all that ice up there North.

Manz said...

Was the shot captioned "Playing ball at the beach on a sunny December the 18th afternoon...." taken on the same day/same time as the image "Under theMy Wordless Sunday #45"? I DO LOVE THIS TYPE OF IMAGE!!

It's great to see the angles and your consideration of elements... for example, the "shelter" at the end of the pier is perfectly framed - one foot to the left and the roof may have been cropped off!

Great beach shots also - That's one massive beach you have to enjoy!

Susanne49 said...

Hi Manz,

yes, our beach is long and beautiful! I love it in winter time the best. In summer you cannot find a nice place in the sand,there are too many tourists.

Thanks for the nice comment, very much appreciated!


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