Monday, August 06, 2007

Oh little blue Flower...

Oh little blue flower

Oh little blue flower
How do you grow?
Are you like me?
I think it so

From a seed
With food and light
You grew and grew
And slept at night

In the morning
I see you wake
Unfold your beauty
And stretch up high

You’re drenched with color
And scents of love
You reach up high
To the sun above

With outspread wings
You stand so proud
With poise and dignity
No need to hide

I am like you
And you’re like me
Oh little blue flower
So pure and free

(by Hannah Rippon)


Michele said...


Sue's Daily Photos said...

Thank you Michelle.I'm glad you like my little blue flower.

[jm.n] said...

Such pretty blue flowers; what is it, please? Don't think it grows in Australia...lovely poem to go with it too. Cheers! ;~}

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi jm.n

It's a shame I really don't know the name of this pretty flower! (I'm so bad with names anyway). And I have it seen only here in Florida also the first time in my life!

Thanks for taking your time and writing this nice comment to my blog!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked my poem. The flowers look lovely

Hannah Rippon


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