Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tiny Yellow Flower Power

Yellow Flowers

A flower has power, remember the sixties,

its all about love, just ask the pixies,
a flower is strength, and beauty too,
with such pure colour, fragrance and hue,
yet stands up to all the elements, just like you,
and a flower reminds me of love,
with grace and purity, like a dove,
a flower is power, to stand alone,
or be with many and still feel at home,
it sweetens any garden, whether old or new
and everyday God waters it with the morning dew,
so remember a flower is Gods way of smiling,
of telling you everything`s fine,
to let you know you are shining,
and that everything is in line.

(by nik new)

1 comment:

Awo IYeroArg said...

This like to me, yellow,green and white.


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