Thursday, July 05, 2007

Birthday Guests in my Yard

These two guys were first to wake me up this morning - much too early -
to give me a birthday wish.

And he was wearing his best bow tie - extra dressing for my birthday , I guess.

And she showed me her wonderful new make up - more extras for me.....

And she started to sing me a birthday song: quack, quack, quack..... and then she left!

As you can see I had a lovely group together already this morning that came to congratulate me for my 58th birthday. I am a lucky girl today! :-))


Theresa111 said...

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dear Susanne
Happy Birthday To You!

Tomorrow is my Bobby's 10th Birthday!

Graham said...

Excellent photos

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Theresa

Thank you so much for your birthday song from yesterday!Nice when good friends are thinking to me on a day like this.:-))

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Thank you so much, Graham, for the compliment. I feel very happy for that!

Internet Safety Queen said...


Hi. Stumbled on your blog...BEAUTIFUL pics!!

I am running right over and voting for you!!


Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Queen...thank you so much for the nice comment to my post! And for voting for me too, I really appreciate that!:-))

silken said...

hope you had a wonderful birthday.

my husband and I are trying to think of somewhere to go for our anniversary (in ten days!) and I suddenly thought of your blog and KEY WEST! I am going to check that idea out!

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Silken,
thats a great idea....but come to Key West soon, before the Hurricanes start coming over. Something is already "browling" together and coming towards the Carribean waters, by the Less never know what will develop from that.

And thank you very much for asking, yes I had a nice birthday!


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