Saturday, June 02, 2007

Official Start of Hurrican Season was 1. of June

That was yesterday! We had a dark, windy and rainy start of Hurrican Season 2007. Later in the day the weather man was announcing this all as tropical storm "Barry". Today the sun is back again in paradise - and every one is happy - of course.

And this is a old picture I made a half hour befor Hurrican Dennies came over Key West, in 2005. You can see how some people really enjoyed the waves at Whitehead Pier - it's like getting a free shower.


Do said...'s amazing what mother nature does sometimes...
Thanks for the comment.
I would like to exchange, but please mention HOW:D And thanks again.

Morriconei said...

The Hurricane Dennies shot is a great motion capture. Nice capture.

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Thank you so much for the nice comment!

Trinity said...

wow! I like your pictures... you have so many beautiful sunsets! But This Hurricane is great.. so I am able to see hurricane! :-)


Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Trinity, yes Hurricans are always very spectacular to see - but unfortunatelly no more that nice after all, when the storm is gone!Thanks for your comment.


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