Friday, May 25, 2007

Red Hibiscus

My red Hibiscus bush has so many new flowers now. They popped out after the short but havy rainfall we had some days ago. Isn't she a beauty?
Seit dem kurzen, aber heftigen Regenfall vor ein paar Tagen hat mein Hibiskus-Busch, viele neue Blueten hervorgebracht. Ist sie nicht wunderschoen?

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Poetry said...

Troubling the Glass

At dawn a west wind troubles the still waters of an inland lake

Awakening the deep.

Splashes of light like silent shouts glare
across the water. They started in a straight forward
way to cross the lake in the gathering dark
but the wind rippled water broke up the
attack and smeared out the forces of light
into a undulating wedge.

Carrying her dead like earrings.

Muddying the greens.

And always a mashed potatoe sky.

With some people it's the birds and the bees

but with you it's all buzzards and cane toads.


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