Sunday, September 30, 2012

My 7th Year of Blogging - Happy Blogoversary!

One day ago was my 7th year of blogging, it was my 7th BLOGGOVERSARY - Yeah!!!!!

Two years ago I wanted to stop doing this blog, one year ago I wrote about quitting this blogging for sure...... and I'm still here....LOL.... and I like it. I still have enough ideas to blog about but not that much time anymore to do it every single day. I'll be here also for the next 3 years to come to celebrate the big number 10 - I hope.... :-)))))

Thank you ALL my friends who have visited my blog in these 7 years - without YOU I would never have made a total of 105'209 visitors, I wouldn't have 538 loyal blog-members, and at last but not least, without all your visits I wouldn't have a page rank 3 from Google what I'm very proud of it!

Thank you all, my friends! Let's celebrate: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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Larry said...

Congratulations on 7 years. I know it takes a lot of energy to stay active. It must be bringing rewards to you else it's not worth the effort. Very nice blog... I've only recently started reading and I enjoy it.


G C said...

Happy blackheart. Great blog. Love the picture of the hibiscus.

S-V-H said...


thanks for your kind support and for visiting and enjoying my blog. :-)

S-V-H said...

G C... thanks for stopping by and writing me some word... may I ask what did you mean with "blackheart"... I never heard about this... :-)

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you. The hyacinth is beautiful

S-V-H said...

Thanks for liking it, Lady! byw, it's a Hibiscus flower... :-)


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