Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bizarre Weather Formations Recently in FL

A water spout over land - I have never seen one before

Unusual and very deep hanging black clouds turn the day into night

Day after day a rainbow appeared on the same spot, to the same time

Hi my friends,

I was observing in the last months, weeks and days our weather pattern here in Florida and I have to admit, strange things happen in our skies: very dramatic cloud formations what we never have seen before! We have heavy rainfall almost every morning/afternoon and a rainbow appeared almost every day on the same spot to the same time.

These all looks for me more like "man made" weather patterns. Are these the results of all those high up in the air flying air planes? Are they spraying our beautiful sky and air what we and our kids need to breath with dangerous chemicals? Are these clouds a results of those chemitrails? Even the lightnings seem to be stronger than ever and the thunder sounds more like bomb explosions in a war-field - for sure not like natural thunder sounds!

Do "they" try out something what we should be scared of it??? My dear friends, hold up your heads, look up to the skies and wake up, show and tell me: THIS is not the "normal" Florida weather anymore, don't you think? Please don't sleepwalk - observe the sky - it is the air YOU and your KIDS are breathing, it should be clear and fresh and not filled with chemicals, like it is now!

How ever.... I'm wishing you all a HAPPY SUNDAY!

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