Thursday, December 02, 2010

Photo-Swap-Thursday - #3

Hoodoo Heaven” at Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah (USA)

Heather:   A couple of years ago, I took my three kids to southern Utah for a week of hiking and adventure.  Our biggest luxuries lay in the challenges, the stunning views and the freshwater we carried on our backs.  Below, I’ve posted a photo from Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah where a sudden hail storm turned a simple hike amongst the hoodoos into quite an adventure!  To read more about our experience, click the link below.

…One’s imagination can run a little wild amongst hoodoos, and each visitor’s unique vision seems to personalize the Bryce experience. My vivid childhood memories of spired castles rising above pink, red and orange people brought me back -with my own children this time. Intermittent rumbling soon lent a deeper hue to the sky as we hiked the Queen’s Garden and Navajo Trails. Eventually, I shoved the camera into our dry bag, and we raced for cover from a pelting storm!  
(click for MORE on “Hoodoo Heaven”)

Heather Dugan is a writer/photographer and voice-over/on-camera talent based in Central Ohio with clients worldwide.  A frequent traveler and lover of the outdoors, she is never without her camera and running shoes.
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nothingprofound said...

Beautiful photo, Heather! It's place like Bryce that make the American West such a spectacular place to visit.


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