Saturday, December 05, 2009

Back yourself up

It is such a cut throat industry where you get knocked down so much and get rejected so much. If you do not back yourself up, no one else is going to so you really need to learn to get up, shake the sand off your chest and keep going.
Alex O'Loughlin

Hi my friends,

Thanks for all your kind comments, I appreciate every single one! Come back tomorrow too, I'll share "My Wordless Sunday" picture again with you.

It's pretty cold in Florida, we have the heat on the first time and long jeans and jackets. We are not used to temps like that :)

I wish you a wonderful Saturday, see'ya tomorrow!

You do know, my CALENDARS 2010 are for sale, right?
Grab one, make someone happy or pep up those gray walls in your office!


Gran said...

Stay warm, Sue! It's very cold in Seattle, but no snow (not so far).

RennyBA's Terella said...

First I thought it was snow - shows that I'm a devoted Norwegian :lol:

The Retired One said...

We sure didn't pick a good week to come to Florida from Michigan, did we???
Good lord, it is damp,windy and cold down here.
It is supposed to be better in a few days but of course half our vacation will be over by then. I haven't even been able to go out and take good pictures yet..but I keep hoping!!

Anne Vis said...

What a beautiful shot! Not quite taken in Florida in guess? :-)))

Michael said...

Great photo.
I like this frame :)


Anna said...

For a second Susanne, I thought I was looking at the snow, except this one is the warm one. Anna :)

Susanne49 said...

Hi Anna,

I love your definition of "Southern snow"...LOL... yes, it looks close to the real one and it's warmer than your snow in the North ...LOL...

Susanne49 said...

My Thanks go also to:

@ Gran
I'll send you some sunshine your way, o.k.?

@ Renny
Snow and sand have some similarity: both start with "s"...:)

@ The Retired One
thank you Joan. I'm so sorry you've picked some cold days for Florida - but they don't last that long, I promise you ...LOL..

@ Anne Vis
Yes,'s the Florida white sand at the beach...should I send some your way to Amsterdam? ...*smile*...

@ Michael
Hi Michael, welcome to the's always nice to see new faces on my blog. Thanks for your comment. :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful shot Susanne. I hope you are well.

Susanne49 said...

Thank you Tricia and yes, I'm fine. You can't be bad under the eternal Florida sunshine :)


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