Friday, October 09, 2009

184 feet above sea level in Florida

Mount Dora evokes that quiet and comfortable “Southern” charm and hospitality of a lakefront community nestled amongst the gentle hills and orange groves of Central Florida. At an elevation of 184 feet above sea level, Mount Dora is Florida’s equivalent of a mountain top town. Whether you are looking for a respite from the pressures of life and seek solitude overlooking our beautiful vistas, or you desire active shopping and recreation to compliment our many festivals and community events, you can find it all in Mount Dora.

Read more about Mount Dora here

Sunset over country side on the way back home

Hy my friends,

yesterday I had my first day feeling good again. We decided to take a ride in country side and we have visited Mount Dora, located some minutes outside of Orlando. Mount Dora is a very pretty, very picturesque and arty town and is overlooking a beautiful lake. I made of course some photos and I'll show them to you in sequences. I hope you'll enjoy like I did :)

Stay tuned, I'll be back tomorrow, see you soon. Thank you also for all the "get well" wishes and kind comments on my last post.

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Sue said...

Glad you are feeling better and got out for a bit. Sounds like a nice area to visit.

Double "D" said...

Gorgeous sunset.

Gilson said...

Beautiful pictures Sue! What a gorgeous sunset. Hugs.

Anna said...

Susanne sorry to hear about you not being well. Hope you get better soon. Nice sun set photo, so inspiring. Hope all is well otherwise. Anna :)

Donald Swarbrick said...

I love pictures of beautiful sunsets they remind me of the many I was luck enough to witness during my time at sea.
You keep intriguing me with what new wonders are to come in all your great blogs.

Frank said...

Wow, a beautiful sunset!

The Retired One said...

Oooooo, that bare horizon sunset!


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