Saturday, August 08, 2009

Strolling trough Down Town today

Pier 5 at the marina down at the bay

The main street in Down Town

The Visual Arts Center

Very nice architecture of the houses in the old part of Panama City

This fighter is to see in front of the College in Panama City

No, it's not the Titanic, its the boat from Ripley's "Believe it or not" - a magnet to get the beach tourists into their business at Panama City Beach water front.
It's that big - You can not miss it :)

Hi my friends,

we are still here in Panama City - and we like it a lot! Should we stay or should we go? :)

Thanks for all the kind comments, my friends!

Tomorrow is my "Wordless Sunday" again, that means: just a picture, but no words. You have to make your own thoughts to that what you will see tomorrow - and for one day you don't have to read my stumbling words...LOL... :)

Stay with me and come back see me tomorrow!


Peter (Worldman): said...

You mean to say that you are in Panama?

Carole said...

A very interesting place Sue. Stay another day eh!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Oh those Florida clouds. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing these Susanne.

The Retired One said...

I loved these...especially the boat in the middle of the city.

Anna said...

Susanne I like first photo very much, especially that is shows nice blue accents. Nice place to visit. Anna :)


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