Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Old Mill 1886

We've experienced a historic grist mill on the edge of the Cherokee Indian Reservation. A country store w/ fresh ground cornmeal, jams, country hams, candles and quality gifts. The 1886 room
is full of antiques, lamps, furniture's and quality smalls. The 1930 Gift Shop offers Cherokee made baskets, arts and crafts, Collectors will find Civil War, Indian Artifacts, southern pottery and more.

It's amazing, "The Old Mill" is still working

View from the inside to the spinning water wheel

You can buy all kind of nostalgic items

Coca-Cola on everything you can think about

Or, do you need some "new" refurbished chairs at home?
Will you hang them also on the wall?...LOL...

That Old Mill

is alive in the light of day

harsh wind grabbing
your windpipe, breath of winter-chill

icicle eyes staring dimly
at the scene, leftover pussy
willows as
stiff fingers beside river's bank.

Within view an ancient mill
by the passage of time.

Images of life return as a photo
album, deer
within shadows
cows flicking horse flies

kids painting the barn and
three dogs chasing.

Childhood is splashing in the
creek, pages from life
a long time ago.


I hope you enjoyed my post about "The Old Mill" in the Smokeys of NC!

See you tomorrow!
oohh...btw, ...comments are always very welcome :)


Cathy Crawley said...

Wow, what a beautiful old building! Makes me think of all those old American films set in the mountains!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, now THERE is a place you could spend all day with a camera. Wonderful images Sue.

Marcie said...

WOW! What a great old place you've discovered. Love the tour you've given us of the mill.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful old place. Love that first shot of it.

Alberto said...

sono sempre molto belle e interessanti le tue foto.
Saluti dall'Italia.

DianeCA said...

This does look like an interesting place to visit. I like seeing small trinkets from the past and being reminded of my history. My only problem is keeping my money in my pockets when I visit such places!

The Retired One said...

Just back from a weekend trip to Duluth so catching up on your blog posts...loved the shots of the wheel at the Old Mill!

Posie Props Blogspot said...

Hi there!
What a wonderful place you found! Love the chairs in photo 2, Can you tell us the name of the store so i can see if they take web orders lol many thanks for posting or email the name of the store, @ Thnks

Susanne49 said...

Thank you very much!!! :-)


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