Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sue & Sue are meeting in Paducah,KY

Yesterday, I had the great chance to meet a very nice blog friend of mine in Paducah, KY: Sue Henry, she is an excellent fine art photographer and I love to visit her blog! We had a great time together. While eating Ice creme, we were talking about this and that and of course about photography! I've enjoyed every single moment to meet you, Sue!
Thanks for taking your time.
Please, visit her blog at:

Pretty house facades on Broadway Street in Paducah, where also our meeting point was: the Ice creme shop - the right place to meet on a HOT June afternoon :)

After so much talking, David got hungry and we get the great insider tip, from Sue, to try the "WHALER's CATCH" Seafood Restaurant - it was agood tip, Sue - thanks again! :)

WAHLER's CATCH - Restaurant in Paducah
Located in the Historic Johnson Building on Second Street, Paducah, Kentucky, Whaler's Catch Restaurant has a rich and varied past. Commonly known as "Whaler's" by local Paducahans, the first-of-its-kind fresh seafood restaurant and fish market was started in 1977 by Roberta Shelby Morse.

The food was delicious and the interiour deco was a bit of a maritime New Orleans atmosphere, very nice!

Next time, we will visit the National Quilt Museum for sure - we spent to much time eating in the Restaunt :)

National Quilt Museum Paducah
The National Quilt Museum was constructed in 1991 for use by the museum.

Its facility has been integral to the museum's success. The 27,000 square-foot building was specially designed by Paul Gresham of Gresham & Associates, Inc. and constructed by Vanguard Contractors for the activities of the museum. The museum includes three galleries; two classrooms, one of which can be divided into two spaces for smaller classrooms; a lobby; an atrium; a conference room; a Museum Shop and a storage vault in addition to staff offices and work areas.
The galleries were custom-designed for effectively exhibiting even very large quilts.

Indian Sculptures in front of the Quilt Museum
The National Quilt Museum is proud to bring On the Trail of Discovery, five life size bronze sculptures celebrating the Lewis & Clark Expedition to historic downtown Paducah. The statues were donated by Bill and Meredith Schroeder, founders of the museum. The Lewis & Clark Expedition statues provide exciting outdoor art, accessible day and night.
The sculptures are a permanent addition to the museum’s front lawn and link the museum to the history of Paducah and to Paducah's historic riverfront.

Click into the picture, to read the text to ON THE TRAIL OF DISCOVERY better - it belongs to the photo above.

Nice window details in the Main Street in Paducah

This reminds me to a scene out of "West Side Story" - but it's the Brick Lane in Paducah

Paducah has a lot of treasures to capture with the camera :)

Grandma loves her Quilts :) a window decoration at a gift shop

I have enjoyed our stay in Paducah, yes! Around every corner you'll find some pretty subjects and details. Take your time and visit Paducah too - and meet Sue! :)

Hi my friends,

FINALLY, I got my good old FAST connection back and I'm able to post again :)

And I got also my health back again, it was a bad day for me today: I got sick! And I think it was probably from the Oysters I eat yesterday.

Now I'm back to life again and I'm happy to show you my last impressions of Paducah and our nice meeting with Sue Henry! Let's keep in touch together, Sue! :)

Stay with me... we are heading to Nashville tomorrow!
Susanne and David


Anonymous said...

Great post as usual. Glad you got to meet Sue. Will check out her blog. Thanks.

Peter (Worldman): said...

It is nice to meet blogger friends for real. I hope that this will happen to me too, one day. When my life finally permits me to settle down.

Sue said...

Yes, Suzanne, it was GREAT meeting you!!

Your photos reflect the beauty of our fair little town; glad you enjoyed your brief visit here.

'Til we meet again......:)

Gran said...

Wonderful photos (as always). How exciting that you got to meet a fellow blogger. I will check out the "other Sue's" blog.

RennyBA said...

Always great to see blog friends meeting - thanks for sharing.

Thanks also for another stream of good photos!

Glad you fine too - happy weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Paducah, it is great travelling with you. Paducah is a dream for quilters!

GMG said...

Hi Sue! Must confess that I had no idea that Paducah existed... But you did show some wonderful pictures and... Sue! Great job!!

Meanwhile Blogtrotter has moved to another country on its 250th post. Enjoy and have a great Sunday!

Anna said...

Hey Susanne, I come back later to view your other posts, but I could not resist to tell you that two of you could be sisters, lol. Great adventure, and great news to hear about your meeting. Great images as always. Anna :)

A Lady's Life said...

Loved the quilt museums and the city pictures. Certainly lots to photograph.
Sorry to hear you got ill from the seafood.
Meeting your blogger friend was also a treat:)

Bob Johnson said...

Cool you got to meet your blogging friend and great shots.

ps I love West Side Story, and the image does remind me of the movie as well.

~Christina~ said...

What nice photos. Now I want to go to KY. I like the photos of the statue with the flag the most but they are all really good.

Theresa111 said...

I am so pleased you are traveling and meeting cousins and friends from different states. As ever your photographs speak to me. Love to you and yours!

Theresa and Joe


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