Friday, June 12, 2009

A Pretty Day at the Mississippi River Shores

We arrived in Cassville, Wisconsin. Here, David has a cousin who owns a very nice resort called, "Eagles Roost Resort & Motel" - The resort has five rental cabins and Motel with a wonderful view of the Mississippi river and its side water ways.

View of the cabins.

Davids relatives are very nice and friendly people, they invited us spontaneously to stay a day or two in one of the Motel rooms.

Thank you very much, Ron and Linda
for your great hospitality! We have really enjoyed sleeping in real beds again...LOL... and we are now relaxed and ready to start our next traveling adventures!

The Mississippi River rolls by Cassville as it has for thousands of years and the residents spend much time on the river with boating and fishing.

It must be like heaven for all fishing friends. You can rent fishing boats at the "Eagles Roost Resort" and spend some hours, days, weekends or even weeks out here at the Mississippi shores in Cassville.

There were small boats riding the river up and down.....

...and there were also bigger and very attractive, nostalgic looking boats at the "good old Mississipp" to see...

with a real paddle wheel on the back... that was fun to see!

Beautiful landscapes and pretty clouds

Every day comes to it's end with nice sunset reflections over the water

It's a pretty sunset today!

Reflections of the trees at the Mississippi shores
(click in the photos to see them bigger)

Hi my friends,

we spent two happy, quiet and relaxed days on the Mississippi shores, - one more of all the hundreds of great places we have seen on our travel. I think, tomorrow we will be may on the road again - we want to explore Wisconsin a little bit more :)

Thank you for all the comments!

Stay with me and see you there...! :)
Susanne and David


FishHawk said...

That last pic is incredible!

Anonymous said...

More beautiful photos of stunning country. Just gorgeous Susanne.

kRiZ cPEc said...

Thanks for sharing and have fun in your next adventure. :)

GMG said...

Hi Sue! It seems to be a wonderful place!! And the Mississipi is always mighty!!

Blogtrotter has a nice lunch location for you. Enjoy and have a great weekend! I’m having the benefit of the holidays in Portugal this week... ;))

Marcie said...

Looks just as I might have imagined Mississipi to look. What a great collection!!

The Retired One said...

Loved the one of the paddleboat!!!
If you are in HAVE to..just HAVE to come to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I is right next to Wisconsin (not the mitten part of Michigan, but the part that is right on the Lake Superior shores). I know you will find a TON of breathtaking beauty up here to capture on film!

RennyBA said...

How nice, clean, peaceful and beautiful. Nothing is as recreational as nature like this.

Btw: Sorry I haven't been around that much lately. Have been travelling and my first post from Budapest is up.

Bob Johnson said...

Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us Susanne, such beautiful photography, the last image is too cool!

Anna said...

Susanne a beautiful place to be. What am I talking about, lol, all the places you have visited are beautiful. Anna :)

Carole said...

i love the paddle boat and the 2nd off last image reminds me of The Lake District at sunset.


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