Monday, June 29, 2009

From Virginia to North Carolina

A last view to the Blue Ridge Mountains

There was an almost endless forest to cross on I-64 East until the Junction to I-95 came up, heading further towards the South

Crossing over the James River, we are still in Virginia

The James River
in the U.S. state of Virginia is a 410-mile (660 km) long river, including its Jackson River source. It drains a catchment comprising 10,432 square miles (27,020 km2). The watershed includes about 4% open water and an area with a population of 2.5 million people (2000). It is the 12th longest river in the United States that remains entirely within a single state.

Pretty wild flowers by a rest area place, before we entered to the State of North Carolina

Hello my friends,

We spent now 6 days in North Carolina and heading tomorrow down to the Ocean. I'm very excited to see the water again :)

Thanks for all your nice comments, very much appreciated!:)

Have a wonderful time and stay connected with me....


Kybisblog said...

Hallo Sue, habe mal folgendes Sprichwort gehört oder gelesen:
Wenn Du in North Carolina kein Baum bist, dann wirst Du einer!
Weiterhin eine gute Reise und danke für die schönen Aufnahmen, Gruss Peter

Marcie said...

Love the colors...and the distant mountains are absolutely stunning! What an adventure you are on!!!

Carole said...

fabulous clouds, stunning images

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Wonderful!!I love the Blue Ridge Mountains. Taking the Skyline Drive is such a treat. We have considered retirement in Asheville, NC.


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