Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Blue Ridge Mountains Parkway in Virginia

After leaving my cousin in Nashville, Tennessee we crossed the border to Virginia, the beautiful "green" State with pretty farm lands, a lot of forest and the Blue Ridge Mountains as a part of The Appalachian Mountains.

We've decided to take a ride trough the Blue Ridge Mountains Parkway

The Blue Ridge, or Blue Ridge Mountains,

is a physiographic province of the larger Appalachian division. The province consists of the Northern and Southern physiographic sections, which divide near the Roanoke River gap. This a mountain chain in the eastern United States, part of the Appalachian Mountains, forming their eastern front from Georgia to Pennsylvania. To the west of the Blue Ridge, between it and the bulk of the Appalachians, lies the Great Valley, bordered on the west by the Ridge and Valley province. The mountains are well known for their bluish color when seen from a distance. Trees put the "blue" in Blue Ridge, from the isoprene released into the atmosphere, thereby contributing to the characteristic haze on the mountains and their distinctive color.

Beyond the Great Valley, among the Alleghenies, stand Big House and Little House Mountains, though in the distance their outlines merge into a single profile.

Within the Blue Ridge province are two distinct sections: the Shenandoah in the northern section and the Great Smoky Mountains in the southern section. The Blue Ridge also contains the Blue Ridge Parkway, a 469-mile (755 km) long scenic highway that connects the two parks and is located along the ridge crestlines along the Appalachian Trail.

The beautiful view from this overlook offers a look at the mountain town of
Buena Vista.
Around you see the magnificent mountains rising straight up from the valley below. The green valley extends as far as your eyes can see.

The ride at the Blue Ridge Parkway was very nice, but tiring also. We were not used anymore to drive on small and steep, serpentine roads. But we were happy we did it, it's an experience you will never forget!

After this field of hey balls we've found a real campground, hidden away DEEP in the woods. :)

Hi my friends,

thanks again for all your visits and kind comments to my last post about Nashville, you make always my day with your words. :)

I hope you still enjoy traveling with us, where ever the wind blows us, there we will be going. Next goal will be the Outer Banks on the Atlantic shores. I hope there to find some wild mustangs to photograph - who knows...... :)

Let's keep in touch together!
Susanne and David


kRiZ cPEc said... this state of the red cardinal? I'm waiting for the next update. Have fun1

Anna said...

Hey Susanne excellent images, its like looking out the window. Anna :)


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