Tuesday, May 19, 2009

From Utah to Wyoming

We missed the church of the Mormons in Salt Lake City because of to much traffic on this Monday morning. We decided to take I-189 and going towards Yellowstone NP and to see the Grand Tetons.

On the way to Jackson WY we have seen a lot of wildlife beside the road

Sheep, sheep, sheep... as far you can see

And this little cute fellow too - yes, it's a prairie dog :)

A sheep herder on his horse and a dog was rounding up his hundreds of sheep

Pretty pastel landscape
(btw, all the photos are click able to see it bigger)

Beautiful colors and sand banks at the Spanish River, WY

We have seen hundreds of white pelicans (!) sitting on the sand banks of the Green River

The sign to the history of the Spanish River or Rio Verde or Green River

And then we got this spectacular view to the snow covered Rocky's

Big cow ranches on our way - but I still have not seen a real cowboy :)

Coming closer to Jackson....but still many miles away

Still miles to go... America is BIG!!! :)

And here they are: The majestic Grand Tetons mountains in the Grand Tetons NP

Today Tuesday we were touring around in the NP, shooting pictures and looking out for wildlife like: Bears, Elks, Mountain Lions...the only one wild animal we have seen was ONE Buffalo - and he was VERY impressive and VERY big :)
and I forgot to click my camera...LOL... :)

Hi my friends,

thank you so much for all the nice compliments to my last post! I'm happy that you liked that photo so much :)

Today we were touring around in the Grand Tetons NP and tomorrow we will visit Yellowstone and the Geysers of course - if the weather Gods are friendly with us. Today we had a short rain and for tomorrow they're talking about rain again.... well, we will see. Otherwise we will heading towards Cody and try to visit the Buffalo Bill Museum :)
I'm still looking for a REAL Cowboy...LOL... if you know one, please contact me :)

Stay tuned... see ya'...
Susanne and David


DianeCA said...

You are making a great advertisement for travel on the west side of the country, you know that don't you. Those mountains are beautiful...and prarie dogs...awww.

The Retired One said...

Loved the Grand Tetons!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow oh wow Susanne! Beautiful pictures all, but the last one is in a class by itself. Magnificent.

OregonArtGuy said...

Hi Sue: Your pics of the Grand Tetons are wonderful! I've missed so much of your journey - At least I can go back and look. Have a wonderful day!

RennyBA said...

Wonderful landscape Susanne and great to see these animals in their natural surroundings.

GMG said...

Hi Sue! Sorry for the absence, but I’ve been busy with my parents’ health; almost 180 years to care... ;)
So wonderful posts lately! I made the trip you started in Grand Canyon the other way around in 1982. It was a fabulous trip and your wonderful pictures show why!!! I would take hours to re-visit such wondeful places...
Your comment at Blogtrotter, showing the new Vilnius as well as the old University, seems to have been lost... Have a great weekend!

Peter (Worldman): said...

You really have a great, in depth sight of the USA. And you share it with us. This is very lovely. Both of you will be terribly enriched by this experience. And we, who follow you, also.

Gran said...

The colors are amazing.

kRiZ cPEc said...

how nice to see snow caps on the way! thanks for sharing

Anna said...

Oh Susanne, again excellent photo gallery again, and wow for the sheep - so cool. All the best to both of you, happy travels. Anna :)

Anna said...

...just before I go, Susanne all the best to you and David, and happy further travel. BTW when are you coming home, lol?


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