Wednesday, May 06, 2009

From Amarillo TX to Santa Fe, NM

Coming from the East, Tucumcari - on Route 66 - was yesterday and it is today a great place to stop

New Mexico's long and endless roads to the West (I-40)

An old and still functional gasoline station in New Kirk in New Mexico, located on the real old Route 66

Beside the gas station was a little small, tiny post office where we had to bring a big order to send out to one of our good customer

"Be beware of the - sleeping - dog"
in front of the souvenir shop and gas station! He not even opened his eyes :)

Pretty little Chapel on Route 66 - it is no more used for sure: the walls were broken and no windows and doors left and the tower looks close to the one in Pisa, Italy :)

Little houses on the rail road line from Tucumcari to Santa Fe

Look these roads...!
It's I-84 from Santa Rosa to Santa Fe

I love these streets!

Still snow covered mountains in the Sangre de Christo region

Finally we arrived in a warm and sunny Santa Fe, the Capitol of New Mexico.

Hi my friends,

We made it to beautiful Santa Fe! It's summer here, nice and warm - a good feeling after many days of fog and cold in Amarillo! We will go out soon to explore Down Town, to see everything as possible and to see the Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams Museum, for sure. I will show you some photos tomorrow, as always :)

I wish you a wonderful day!
Susanne and David


A Lady's Life said...

What beautiful colors and country side.
Never a dull moment.
So much to enjoy.:)

Anonymous said...

I miss those long straight stretches of hiway with no buildings in sight. Beautiful photos as always.

The Retired One said...

I always love the mountain pictures.
But the sleeping dog was pretty cute too!

Phototherapy said...

I like the first one so much, makes me work ;)

This Makes My Day said...

Dear Sue,

You are such a lucky person to be able to see all these wonderful panoramas and sights of these endless road to the horizon! Great, enjoy my friend, only few people can enjoy this like you do right now, your travel reports and your photos are so great! Big hug for you both!

Anna said...

Susanne just imagine all these roads you are driving now been build by people, and it takes days and days to travel on them. Love the photo of the beware of the sleeping dog, lol, btw nice dog too. Anna :)


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