Monday, August 11, 2008

I Need Some Fresh Mountain Air!

I can't stand it anymore....! I really need some fresh mountain air to breath and to see new regions of this beautiful country!

No, no, no...... I'm not going to Switzerland for vacations, I'm going tomorrow to the East Rocky's for the next coming days. That means in other words: I'll be OFF from blogging for the next days to come, my friends. Please don't go away - I'll be back next weekend or even earlier, for sure.

BTW, the photo above is from the "Glarner Mountains" in Switzerland. I made it on the way up to the Klausenpass. There, where the winters are long and the summer is too short - but it's beautiful there, believe me!
And something like that is what I need to see NOW! :-)

See ya...later!

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Carole said...

Oh wow look at those fantastic mountains. Great shot Sue.

Bob Johnson said...

Beautiful image Susanne!!

threio said...

Okay, don't blame you, that mountain looks so inviting. See ya when you get back.

Titania Starlight said...

I do want to get to Switzerland before I die. I have never been out of the States and I want to so bad.
Anyway, have a great weekend and I am sure you will take many beautiful photos of the mountains.

Peter (Worldman): said...

I am almost profiting from fresh mountain air. I am at home, I look out the window and have a fabulous sight on the "Dents du Midi" on the other side of Lake Geneva.


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