Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chimney Rock Park in North Carolina

One of our first stops in NC was to see the famous Chimney Rock. You can climb up all the steps or you can use the elevator. Unfortunately, it was too late for us to go up there, the park was closing in 20 minutes already.

This is a close up of the rock with the U.S. flag, a very impressive block. (See more photos in the links below).

A little creek down in the valley with not enough water. The reason is the big dryness they have up there. I have seen a big sign written by a church: "Pray for rain" - and that tells it all!

Chimney Rock Park, just 25 miles from Asheville, boasts that it has the "best of the North Carolina mountains in one place." For the last 100 years, tourists have journeyed to see this 500-million-year-old towering monolith, and the park's "one-stop shopping" for what the mountains are loved for: dramatic scenery, exhilarating hiking trails, rare plants, native wildlife, and one of North Carolina's highest waterfalls (featured in the movie The Last of the Mohicans).

Chimney Rock Park
is the natural fulfillment of your trip to the mountains. Take a deep breath of refreshing mountain air, become invigorated by our hiking trails, and let your cares fade away in the cool mists of Hickory Nut Falls. This is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and spend time with family and friends. The Park, located 25 miles southeast of Asheville, North Carolina, offers the best of the mountains in one place-spectacular 75-mile views, hiking trails for all ages, a 404-foot waterfall, a variety of special events and much more.


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Susanne49 said...

Thank you very much, Jeanie!

Carole said...

Lovely images Sue. Impressive rocks. Nice to see you back hope you had a great time.

Susanne49 said...

Hi Carol,

thanks for visiting and yes, we had a great time, hubby and I. We met nice people, we have seen a lot of interesting and beautiful nature scenes, eat good food and I made a lot of new photos - of course, what else!? :-)

Charlotte said...

I was in Chimney Rock in April and your photos remind me of how beautiful that part of the world is. Your images do it justice!

Susanne49 said...

Thank you Charlotte for visiting my blog.

I know you like hiking and walking and NC is such a great State to do that.


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