Friday, May 02, 2008

Sea of smile - River of tears

A old Bench

a sea of smile and a river of tears
a flood of memories
imagination will take me back

on an Old Park Bench
Old Park Bench
Old Park Bench
Old Park Bench
a summer's night, the stars aglow
did more than light the sky
with fortune, fantasy, and fate
we dream on an old park bench
i take your hand in my hand
you hold my soul in yours
one touch becomes eternal
when falling in love

i see her still and she is beautiful
i see her beautiful face
and her beautiful eyes
and her beautiful ways
and her beautiful soul
and this love lifts me higher
i search her eyes and see the skies
the heavens of her life
just one more glimpse into her soul
is all i ask

a sea of smiles and a river of tears
a flood of memories
and now she's gone

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Anonymous said...

a very romantic and atmospheric shot. and a wonderful poem too.

Susanne49 said...

Thank you evlahos,

for the comment. You are my loyal friend! :-)

Worldman said...

Beautiful picture, beautiful poetry.

But bringing me the realities of life. In six month I will have to start looking for a park bench. My bench. Where I will sit and look in the air and think about my life (the professional one) that just has ended. Perhaps I also should start to lock for a walking stick?

Susanne49 said...

Hallo Peter,

nein, nein! no walking stick, no bench in the park for you. What you need is a laptop and a comfortable chair and a desk - to write your book, your memories!:-)

Thanks for your comment.

RennyBA said...

What a great poem and matching bench picture - so well conducted - thanks for sharing!

Wishing you a great end to your week :-)

GMG said...

Hi Sue! Nice pictures this week.
The bench picture and post are superb! The flowers are great and your husband's Key west painting is stunning! Also loved to sse the lamp!!
Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, where I’m exploring a new country now. Surprise! ;)
Hope you have a great weekend!

Susanne49 said...

Thank you for your comment, Renny. Very much appreciated.

Susanne49 said...

I know Gil,

you left Switzerland! :-( But it's always a big joy to "travel" with you and to read your interesting posts.

Bob Johnson said...

That was beautiful Susanne, makes you want to get your priorities in line before it's too late, great pic too.

Susanne49 said...

Thanks Bob, I'm glad you liked my post.:-)

Carole said...

Nice lyrics Sue and the image and sftening is great.

Susanne49 said...

Thanks for your comment Carole.:-)


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