Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sea Gypsy

The Sea Gypsy

I am fevered with the sunset,
I am fretful with the bay,
For the wander-thirst is on me
And my soul is in Cathay.

There 's a schooner in the offing,
With her topsails shot with fire,
And my heart has gone aboard her
For the Islands of Desire.

I must forth again to-morrow!
With the sunset I must be
Hull down on the trail of rapture
In the wonder of the sea.

Thomas Hovey


Worldman said...

Simply very, very beautiful.

Susanne in Key West said...

Thank you very much, Peter,

for your wonderful words to my todays post. You made my day!

Titania Starlight said...

So breathtaking. When I think of Gypsy, I think of my husband. He has a bit of Hungarian in him and is prone to moving about. When he retires he mentioned getting an R.V. and traveling across the United States. I shuddered at the thought. For now he has has not mentioned it further. Whew. :o)

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi Titania,

thanks for commenting here. That's very interesting about your husbands Gypsy blood in connection with traveling. I had to smile reading about and I will tell you later why.:-)

Anna said...

Susanne I don't know how you do it, these are just so majestic. So have you encounter any pirates yet, lol, or don't even try, lol?

BTW I have two things for you, love the background music you have added to your blog, I have been back few times today to assemble my tag post, and I am just addicted to the Christmas songs you have selected.

Secondly, as I mentioned I tagged you, hope you don't mind, it was fun to put it together, and I think you will like this one, I can see so many things you can be proud of - including your photography. Or I am proud of you.

Cheers, Anna :)

Susanne in Key West said...

Oh my God, Anna, Anna!!! :-)

Thanks you very much first for your nice comment. I'm so glad to hear you like my Xmas music too! About pirates: the whole island is full with them, and this is now serious. People are often dressed up like pirates and walk around in the streets that way.

And now, to your new post and your tagging! First I have to say: Your post is great and I liked to read about all those also tagged people, me included. Thank you so much for this honor to be included in that great circle of all these wonderful friend of yours. I'm very honored and so PROUD of this.
THANK you again, Anna! said...

another ship.. :P
love it sun make it more good..
but i love the color.. it just brown and black like watching 300 :D

Susanne in Key West said...

Than you plussixty,

for you kind comment to my ship photo.

Anonymous said...

very impessive capture. and wonderful lighting

Susanne in Key West said...

Thanks evlahos,

I'm glad you liked this pictures.


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