Friday, October 26, 2007

Just right for the Holidays...

About the CafePress Online Shop: is an online retailer that produces and dispatches user-customized products on demand. Opening and operating a basic CafePress shop is free. A basic shop can be upgraded to a premium shop for a small monthly rate, allowing an unlimited number of products per type and additional maintenance and customization features.

CafePress was founded as a privately owned company in 1999 by Fred Durham and Maheesh Jain. As of February 2006, the site hosts over 2.6 million online shops with over 35 million products. is headquartered in Foster City, California, and its production facility is located in Louisville, Kentucky. Major accounts include Star Trek, Dilbert, Phil Collins, Peanuts, and Wikimedia. Shops are also frequently created for pop-culture phenomena such as and "All your base are belong to us". Shop owners have the ability to customize their own merchandise and select items that best reflect a particular consumer group. also offers print on demand services for books and music CDs.

After creating a shop, the owner can proceed to select products and upload files, such as images to print on t-shirts or bags. They can also determine a price markup for each item sold in the store. provides the online storefront and website hosting, order management, fulfillment, payment processing, and customer service. In other words, the shop is effectively managed by, and the shop owner only has to take care of customizing the products they want to sell. The base price for every item is determined by, providing its chief revenue stream. Shop owners can buy items at the base price, but they also receive commission payments within regular intervals.

Just right in time for the Holidays I have re-opened my


(member since 2003).

Please stop by and there you will see:

with photographs from my paradise island


with 12 wonderful orchid photographs

and a lot of other GREAT gift items like : tiles, mugs, caps journals,framed prints, posters, mouse pads and so much more!

CHRISTMAS Greeting Cards

are NOW also available!!!


please and buy some nice gifts for your loved ones and friends !


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Congrats on the new shop!!!

Hugs, JJ

Susanne in Key West said...

Thank you JJ,

come over there and see my stuff.:-)

Debo Hobo said...

Wow Christmas decor aleady!

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi DeboHobo,

yep, Christmas time is around the corner soon - and business is business, right? Look into the stores, they are doing the same already. :-)

Thanks for your comment!

RennyBA said...

Congrats and good luck with your business!

Wishing you a lovely end to your week too :-)

Susanne in Key West said...

Thank you Renny - and have a wonderful weekend too!

shirley said...

Love your shop! Going tropical for the holidays is a great idea!

DigitalShutterMania said...

Congratulation with your shop. Your stuff is very nice. I will tell my friends about your shop.

Susanne in Key West said...

Thank you very much, shutter! I'm glad you liked my shop and hope for your friends visit too.:-)

BillyWarhol said...

I just knew it!

No SNOW in yer Xmas Card!!

;)) Peace*

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi Billywarhol,

Yep, tropical Xmas is pretty different to northern regions. White Christmas exist only in our fantasy.

Thanks for commenting.


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