Saturday, September 01, 2007

And this is my Blog-Day Award !

And it’s not finished now, folks…. I got another award yesterday and a fantastic review from the beautiful Silken Thank you so much Silken, giving to me this great award. It is for me, as a Non-American, a big joy and honor to get so well recognized with this awards and getting so many nice compliments to my work in photography. I appreciate that much!

I’m now to late to pass on this award to five other bloggers, but I will do it later, next month or some when….we will see. I make my own rules now too….! :-)

Without stress it’s much more fun to choose five fellow bloggers who deserve to get this big honor too – all of you deserve it, I know that - and to know this, makes my job not easier to pick just five of you!


silken said...

way to go sue! you do rock! :)
good for you!

Rick said...

Congrats Sue! what are you going to do with this new found fame?? ;-)

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi Silken,
Thank you so much - again and

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi Rick,
I'm waiting for a discovery to the filmstudios in Hollywood - as a camera woman of course, not as a movie star!...LOL...:-)'s a joke....of course!

Max-e said...

Well done Sue you have a great site.

Anna said...

Sue, congratulations again. Funny once you get one they all coming your way. Thanks for the mention in previous post, it is appreciated. Have a good weekend, this is long weekend for us so I will be doing lot of biking and hiking....anna :)

Susanne in Key West said...

Thank you Max-e,
for taking your time and visiting my blog!

Susanne in Key West said...

Yes, Anna,
you are right with your "observations". Blogging is like the movie with Kevin Costner, it was called something like this: "Build it and they will come",right?

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend with a lot of new great photography!:-)

Bob Johnson said...

Well deserved! your site is awesome, don't forget us little people now your fame.

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi Bob,
no, no, can I forget you - and all the other bloggers! I have just some other bigger and smaller projects to do also, beside blogging. I mean "serious" work, what really makes the money and pays the rent! :-) said...

Congrats Sue!
Truly deserved!

Susanne in Key West said...

Hi Olivia

Thank you again for this wonderful comment! I appreciate very much!


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