Friday, August 24, 2007

Key West House, Palm and Clouds

This could be my house on Fleming Street - if you send me $ 2,000,000.00.
Just joking, but I have dreams anyway. :-)


GMG said...

I'll play EuroMillions to get that; but then would have to find a way to avoid hurricanes...
Thanks for your comment at my bolog. Had a terrible week, that's the reason for being a bit absent.
Finally, I'm taking some holidays, but I leave you in Bali at Blogtrotter. Enjoy!

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Thank you for your comment and your "generous" offer, gmg! :-)

I wish you great and relaxing vacations!

Titania Starlight said...

That is a lovely home. I wouldn't mind living there. :o)

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Me too, but it's a little bit too expensive for me, like everything in Key West!
Thank you for your comment.

Rick said...

Will you take a check? ;-)

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Hi Rick
of course I do...and you have to bring it down here!
Thanks for commenting.

Max-e said...

Ouch. In our currency we have to muliply that by about 7.5

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Thank you for your comment, Max.

You have to know, Key West is a very expensive place. Anywhere else you will get for this amount of money a big mansion delivered.


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