Sunday, October 29, 2006

Rose Garden

Available in:
8" x 10" - $ 45.00 Buy with PayPal
11" x 14" - $ 75.00 Buy with PayPal
Larger sizes can be made on request
I never promised you a rose garden..... but here is my true promise: Come and take a walk between the sweet smelling roses and sit a while in the Gazebo, look around, listen to the birds singing and enjoy this wonderful Sunday morning... but of course, you have to be in this spot in Florida!
Komm und wandere in diesem wunderschoenen Rosengarten, atme den suessen Duft und verweile ein bisschen im Rondell unter freiem Himmel, setz dich auf die Bank dort und lass deine Seele baumeln an diesem schoenen Sonntag Morgen!

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