Sunday, November 18, 2012


Captured at Cocoa Beach in Florida

Our lives are waves that come up out of the ocean of eternity, break upon the beach of earth, and lapse back to the ocean of eternity. Some are sunlit, some run in storm and rain; one is a quiet ripple, another is a thunderous breaker; and once in many centuries comes a great tidal wave that sweeps over a continent; but all go back to the sea and lie equally level there.


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Wishing you ALL the freedom of the flying Seagull and a very HAPPY SUNDAY!

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G C said...

Great photo. Here in Texas, we aren't fortunate to have the beautiful beaches Florida has. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Sunday and great week.

S-V-H said...

Hi G.C.
thanks for liking my post - Texas has other great "stuff" to offer, (btw, beaches in the South included!) and beautiful country side and the "Big Texan" in Amarillo ...LOL... :-)


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