Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Caution Alligators!

Yep, we are here in Florida.....! 
But, I haven't seen one of them, they must have been hiding out in the shade somewhere....

A pretty park with a nice and long path around the lake, 
a good way to do our daily walk as a little workout.

 In the lake were not only alligators, there were hundreds of small and big fishes.... 

...and we saw a lot of "snake head" turtles in all sizes.....

...and hundred's (!) of Ibises were walking all over the place and they were even sitting up in the trees. I'll show you a picture of that another day - it looks really funny.... they are very busy birds, always picking in the ground for food and walking fast.... here I caught them picking those little fishes out of the water. 

Hi my friends,

we took a ride to the beach and to that nice park area where I shot all those pictures - and many more :-))
It was a beautiful, hot Florida afternoon, for once without that every day afternoon rain showers.

I hope you'll enjoy the pictures too - I had big fun to make them.
Have a great Tuesday afternoon!



Marcie said...

Such gorgeous wildlife...and the alligator sign made me laugh. Lucky you that you haven't - yet - encountered one!!!
Have a great day!!

Susanne49 said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed my pictures with a little smile :-)

Thanks for stopping by.

angelindisguise said...

oh my gosh I luv the duck hes so cute!

Susanne49 said...

Angelin, where did you see a "duck"....???? :-)))))

Thanks anyway for stopping by, love new faces visiting my blog!

Nice to meet you and your nice "young" blog.


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