Friday, July 22, 2011

My Fine Art Photography Series in a Video

Hi my friends,

Some days ago I've started with my second video - and voila! 
Here it is...! (can you hear the fanfares in the back?) 

It's a collection of my most successful and also some new creations in fine art photography. 
"Fine-Art-Photography" or I call it "painting with light" is a big passion of mine that I have discovered some months ago and I just LOVE it. I hope you'll do the same :-))

It's up also on YouTube, see the link on top of the video.
You can also go there and you can give me there all your thumbs up or even a nice comment - I do appreciate every visit. :-))

I'm wishing you a wonderful weekend, enjoy the video... sit back, turn on your speaker and relax!


btw, the pictures in this video are all available to buy also in my shop:


Nixon said...

Hi Susanne

Great job !!! I saw your video, I like it. You have more potential so keep it up.

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nothing profound said...

Exquisite, Susanne! The photographs are so beautiful.

Susanne49 said...

I'm glad you liked my video, Marty! Thanks for stopping by - and stay cool up there.

It's warmer now in DC than down here in FL :-))


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