Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Easy Rider - the tropical version

Tropical Easy Rider - Captured at Port Canaveral, FL

Easy Rider
is a 1969 American road movie written by Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Terry Southern, produced by Fonda and directed by Hopper. It tells the story of two bikers (played by Fonda and Hopper) who travel through the American Southwest and South with the aim of achieving freedom. The success of Easy Rider helped spark the New Hollywood phase of filmmaking during the late sixties. The film was added to the Library of Congress National Registry in 1998.
A landmark counterculture film,[2] and a "touchstone for a generation" that "captured the national imagination",[3] Easy Rider explores the societal landscape, issues, and tensions in the United States during the 1960s, such as the rise and fall of the hippie movement, drug use, and communal lifestyle. Easy Rider is famous for its use of real drugs in its portrayal of marijuana and other substances. Read more here...

Hi my friends,
I hope you'll enjoy this new post about my tropical Easy Rider and his Harley as much as you did my last post from Monday. Thank you for all the kind comments and compliments, I do appreciate them very much!

btw, Happy Wednesday everybody!
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A Lady's Life said...

You's funny that many people did those things in the 60's but many also pretended and never did those things.
I remember being mesmerized by everything and thought wow. Beards, long hair on men looked great and girls wearing beautiful flower dresses and especially white daisy garlands made them beautiful gentle people. And it was all about love and peace. I got off on that too.
But the rest of it I did not involve myself in and neither did my friends. Maybe the older people did it but not my age group. We just watched and marvelled.
But we had many Vietnam draft dodgers,read revolutionary books like Che Guevera. It was a dream era.

Susanne49 said...

I know some people who were active as real hippies, living their time to the fullest - I wish for myself I would have had a chance too to experience that time, but I was then in Europe and all that "flower power" was to see and to hear only on TV, and so we could just dream about :))

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Lady!

Donald Swarbrick said...

If only we could pluck one of them from a tree. Great photos as usual.

The Retired One said...

I love the juxtaposition of the bike against the palm leaves..marvelous shot!!

Susanne49 said...

Oh, thanks Donald :) glad you like it... and I know, to own a Harley is the dream of many man and women :)

Susanne49 said...

Thanks Joan ;)

Anna said...

Susanne, wow so shiny, amazing how people take care of their toys. Excellent combination of the bike and the greens. Anna :)

Susanne49 said...

Thanks Anna :)


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