Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where are they going to?

Where are they going...???

Hi my friends,
thanks for all the wonderful comments yesterday - you all made my day with your words!

Tomorrow is not only Thanksgiving Day - it is also my "Photo-Swap-Thursday". 
Heather and I have decided to do a post swap together and we hope you'll find still the time to have a look to our both post after all that turkey and smashed potatoes - and not to forget all the yummy pies! 
Reading our blogs is a great excercice....LOL...

HAPPY THANKSGIVINGS DAY to all of you and see ya' tomorrow here!


nothingprofound said...

Funny, when I was a kid growing up in NY, I used to ask myself that question all the time. I'd see all the grown-ups rushing to the subway in the morning, and I'd wonder: Where are they going to? I never wanted to have a life like that.

*Susanne, if you have time, check out my aphorism today at Aphorism Of The Day. It's one that means a lot to me. Have a great Thanksgiving!*

Susanne49 said...

Me too, Marty! That's why I stopped that life - with 50, and it's never to late!

I feel free today, free like the birds, doing what I like to do, going where I want to go. I only wish, I could fly too :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

A Lady's Life said...

Just follow me guys. I know where I'm going lol
They seem to be falling over each other trying to keep up. lol

Heather Dugan ("Footsteps") said...

Wow! I just loaded your stunning photos for Photo Swap Thursday. Beautiful, Susanne!

Susanne49 said...

:)) Thank you so much, Lady :)) I LOVE your comments!! :))

Susanne49 said...

Heather, I hurry up, I'll be there soon... and a BIG THANK YOU!!! :)


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