Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Christian Cross

The Cross 
captured somewhere on my travels in Wyoming

is the main symbol of the Christian religion
These crosses are usually found on Christian churches.
Jesus, who Christians believe is God the Son and their messiah, was crucified (nailed to a large wooden cross). This was a commonly used method for killing people in Roman times.

Christians believe that Jesus' death made the sins of all humans who trust in him, go away, and that they are forgiven. They also believe that Jesus was resurrected (came back to life) after three days. Because of this, the cross is a symbol for Jesus' sacrifice and suffering, but also a symbol of hope, forgiveness of sins, and victory over death.
There are several different Christian crosses that are symbols for different Christian groups or persons.

A cross with the body of Jesus on it is called a Crucifix.
The empty cross is usually favored by Protestants, and the symbol reminds them of the resurrection of Jesus, while the crucifix is favored by Catholic and Orthodox churches and is a reminder of Christ's sacrifice.

Hi my friends,
Tomorrow, the Christian world is celebrating Easter. I wish to you all who celebrate HAPPY EASTER.

Thank you also for all your wonderful comments and compliments to my post yesterday. I'm still thrilled about that honor of the recognition of my blog to get chosen to the list of the 47 BEST PHOTO BLOGS on the web
together with other great fellow photo bloggers. 
My congratulations to all the other 46 people!

Have a wonderful day!


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Dario Ferrari Photos said...

Nice photo with a greta comment...!

Have a lovely weekend!


Susanne49 said...

Thank you Dario, happy to see you visiting here :)

A Lady's Life said...

Happy Easter to you as well.
I also devoted my blog this week to Easter. Like Christmas and Santa,Easter has also been changed to Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs.
Its good to talk about the real meaning of Easter and why it is a good thing to remember the man who died and left such a legacy behind.

Yvi said...

Hi Susanne,

ein wundervolles Bild!

Ich wünsche Euch von ganzen Herzen ein paar schöne Ostertage!


nothingprofound said...

Happy Easter, Susanne! Just returned from sunny California to sunny New York, so the transition has been an easy one.

Susanne49 said...

Thank you very much for visiting and the comment, Lady!
HAPPY EASTER to you too :)

Susanne49 said...

Ganz schoene Osterfeiertage auch fuer dich, liebe Yvi. Danke fuer den Besuch! :)

Susanne49 said...

Hi Marty, I'm glad you had not to miss the sunshine in CA AND in New York. Thanks for visiting and the kind comment.:)

drppanda said...

Thanks for your Well Wish. I wish the same for you.

Susanne49 said...

Thank you Dr.Panda and thanks for visiting :)

Anonymous said...

hai sue, long time not been here, how do you do?

beautiful decoration on the cross and beautifully captured by you with a beautiful narration. Wish you happy and have a nice weekend.

Susanne49 said...

Hi Murad,
thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment and wishes. very much appreciated. I hope everything is fine with you and your little baby-son. :)

Footsteps said...

Very artistic, Susanne. Minimizing color makes the image pop in a more meaningful way.

Susanne49 said...

Yes, heather, especially with religious subjects. Thanks for visiting :)


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