Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2 Minutes of Excitement!

Dave and I went down to the beach to see the Launch of the Shuttle at Cape Canaveral and we were not the only one waiting for that spectacular event.

And then... wow, there was the Shuttle already, high up in the sky
before I even could point and focus my camera to the right spot.
I was almost to late with clicking the shutter :)

O.M.G., that was quiet the most exciting 2 minutes in my life - and I almost missed it...LOL...

And a full view of the whole scenery
btw, all the pics are click able to see it a little bit bigger, so you get the idea what I try to show you here :)

Can you see that big white puffy cloud on the horizon? It looks almost like an atomic blast, but that was THE spot where the Shuttle started

And there were also kids, I guess, they don't cared to much about the Shuttle, about space and flying high up to the stars :)

Hi my friends,

It was an experience, it was a very short and intense experience with this space-stuff!
I admit, I was to slow and I have pointed my camera first in the wrong direction.

I'm a newbie...hey.. what's up...? Coming from the "good old country", how the heck should I have photographic experience with catching Shuttles on a digital media? ...LOL...
Anyway, however....there will be more launches coming up next year
and I will be there again and I'll be better, I promise!...LOL...

P.S. if you want to see the REAL pictures, click here

Thanks for all your comments, love you all! :)

And now, back to Earth:
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Lin said...

Wonderful photos of the shuttle, Sue! As far as I'm concerned, yours ARE the real pictures! Lovely! What a special treat.

The Retired One said...

These were wonderful! What an experience.
I have been down there when one was launched, too...it is quite thrilling.

Gran said...

What a wonderful experience you caught in your photos. And it even looks warm :)

Donald Swarbrick said...

Thats a sight I would liked to have seen, thanks for showing us the moment.

Christina said...

I especially love the last photo of the kids playing in the water :)

simonecento.photography said...

Amazing experience for sure.
I guess I wont see something like this in my whole life. :D
But never say never?

I added you to my fav links and I'll follow you from today on.

Take care

GMG said...

Hi Sue! Wow! Great reportage!! You managed to get through the clouds. Perfect!!

Blogtrotter is firmly back to an amazing building... ;)). Enjoy and have a great week!

Double "D" said...

Great shots of the launch.
Love how you got that single bird in the first shot.
Very iconic. Hee Hee, you got two birds with one stone er shot.

Susanne said...

great photos!
I sometimes think that the old science fĂ­ction movies were not so far away from reality now. And I wonder if people will live on a planet other than the earth or meet other people somewhere in space?
Lots of greetings, Susanne


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