Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Colibri and the Wasp

The Violetears are hummingbirds of the genus Colibri.
They are medium to large species found in the highlands and mountains of Central and northern South America.

Violetears have ample rounded tails and short or medium bills. Three of the species have mainly green plumage. The males have a violet patch running back and down from the eye, which is erected when they are excited, and a glittering throat patch. The female plumage is generally like the male’s, but the ear and throat patches are smaller

One species, the Green Violetear, although a mostly a resident breeder in Central America and the Andes, shows seasonal movements and wanders to the United States and even Canada.

Violetears build substantial cup nests into which two white eggs are laid. They have loud persistent songs, often repetitions of double notes.

These birds come readily to artificial nectar feeders, and show no fear of humans. They are aggressively territorial, and spend much of their time at feeders or flowering shrubs chasing other hummingbirds with their ear patches erect, rather than feeding.

No one can eat in peace and quiet! There was a wasp coming up bothering the cute hummingbird and of course, the fight for food get started.
Believe me or not, the wasp won! :)

Hi my friends,

thanks again for all the kind comments to my last three flower shots and I hope you'll like this one too :)

We are still at the Space Coast and we like it a lot! Should we stay for ever...?
Well, stay with me - I'm looking forward to your next comments.

Have a wonderful Thursday my friends - Labor-Day-Weekend is coming up soon!


This Makes My Day said...

Hi Sue,

These Colibris are so cute, so special too. They are my favorite birds.

BK said...

Beautiful shots! The hummingbird know how deadly a wasp could be too.

James said...

Hello Sue, I really like these pictures. Very nice shots.

Anonymous said...

so beautiful!!! well done

fotosppf said...

Very very nice and difficult shot. : )

Bill S. said...

I love hummingbirds and their interaction with insects and each other. Thanks.

Dakota Bear said...

Very nice photos capturing the hummingbird at the feeder with it's wings in motion.

Carole said...

not the easiest shots to take but you have taken these well.


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