Monday, August 03, 2009

Let's go to the beach.....!

I'm not so sure what this boy is really cooling off...LOL.... :)

Family fun on the beach.
If you click in the picture to see it bigger, you'll see a young athletic sprinter running down to the water, have a closer look.

People, people, far as you can see - and it was HOT today afternoon!

Saint Augustin Beach in Florida - a pretty view down from the pier

And, I'm back again to my palm tree photos, I missed them so much :)

Hi my friends,

it was a VERY hot summer day today in Saint Augustin. After our visit to the beach (and to the light house, pictures about that will follow tomorrow) we had to run back "home" because of the coming up afternoon thunderstorm. The sky went BLACK and in seconds we had a heavy rain pouring down. And it's still raining....

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and compliments to my last recent posts, your words are very much appreciated! :)

Stay tuned with me, tomorrow will be our last day here in the Sunshine State and then it's time to travel again. Any suggestions where to go...?....LOL... we decided, not to settle down here, it's way to hot and way to humid in Florida - we can not stand this anymore :)

See y'all tomorrow!


tricia said...

This post makes me miss Florida. Beautiful clouds and palm trees.

BK said...

Looks like you are having a lot of fun at the beach. Hot day is good day for the beach, just remember to bring along your sunblock too. Have fun! :)

Marcie said...

Such wonderful beach scenes!! Must be really hot in Florida at this time of year!!

The Retired One said...

Loved these!
Idea: go up the east coast to Savannah and then up farther north thru the Appalachians? I loved those mountains when I drove thru them in February!

birdy said...

Very good idea, but unfortunately we have no beach nearby. Thanks for sharing these fantastic pictures, at least we have some fun.

pedro cardona said...

you have to try the mediterranean sea... there are a lot of magical places... by example menorca ;-)

Anna said...

Hey Susanne I missed them too, and that beach is looking good right now, as we got humid heat wave in town. Excellent images as always. Anna :)

serline said...

Beautiful sky and sea...nobody will feel bored to live in such a heavenly place.

Carole said...

Nice beach scenes Susanne. I thought the little boy image with the water jet rather amusing


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