Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Friday...

This "Cat Tales" I have seen by a pond on a RV Park in Silver Springs, Florida

I really don't know the name for this beautiful flower. They reminds me to an Iris or to Glads. I'm sure there exist a right botanical name. Do you know it?

Hi my friends,

I'm overwhelmed with all your kind comments to my last post. You made my day! Thank you so much for that!

We are back at the Space Coast - Oh, my....I guess I told you that already yesterday...LOL... and guess what? We are planning to settle down somewhere here on the mainland or somewhere further out by the beach. We only have to find the RIGHT place to be.

Tomorrow we will start with driving around and "hunting" for that cute, clean, small and still affordable house in a secure, nice region of the Space Coast. If YOU know something like that, let us know.... PLEASE!

My email is: susanne2049(at)

Stay with me, I'll be still posting and update you with all the exciting news to come! But for first this: Happy Friday! :)



The Retired One said...

How fun to be house hunting in such a beautiful area!!! Good luck.
Pictures are as gorgeous as ever!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful photos Susanne. The flowers look like glads to me as well. Very pretty whatever they are.

Marcie said...

Beautiful summer images. I have a soft spot for cat tails. Nice!!!

tarek alghnam said...

I am happy with the wonderful visits to your blog
Really very beautiful blog
Greetings and admiration

DianeCA said...

That flower is beautiful! Great color!

Brian Miller said...

nice pic of the cat tail. coincidently we were house hunting in West Palm today...

Anna said...

Susanne I think it is from Iris family. We had them in our garden before. Excellent photographs again, Anna :)

AMH615 said...

Love the flower photo - I don't know what it is either, though! You mentioned on my blog that you didn't want to lose your PR by changing your template. Well, you won't! I still have my 3. You just can't move your blog to another domain name or platform. To change the template you just download a blogger template you like (I got mine at and then go to Layout > Edit HTML and upload it from your computer. The biggest problem is though, that you lose all your widgets. :( I had to save them on my computer and then install them all again. And I'm still in the process! I haven't re-added the blogroll yet... I better go do that! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)


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