Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meeting Roger Bansemer, an extraordinary artist in NC

We were cruising along in the hills near Flat Rock in NC, looking for a particular artist and his Gallery. David knew of his works and had admired his painting style for a long time. When we found the gallery Dave was very happy to meet Roger Bansemer in person. It was a nice experience for me, also. If you happen to be in the Flat Rock area of North Carolina, stop by and say hello to Roger and his lovely wife Sarah, they like to have guests and I'm sure you would love his work.

Roger Bansemer

is one of today’s most versatile and insightful artists. Spanning four prolific decades, his paintings cover a wide spectrum from earlier abstract works to the present day representational paintings of landscapes, shorebirds, wildlife, beachscapes, and nautical themes. After authoring and carefully rendering hundreds of paintings used in his books on lighthouses, he has become known as America's premier painter of lighthouses.

Read more about the artist here

We had the great opportunity to watch him painting and we had also interesting conversations about art of course, but not just that, also about their traveling. Roger and Sarah will be on the road soon and he will be painting a lot of new impressions of the West while taping segments of their new series of art demonstrations soon to be seen on PBS television.

This is the view of his studio where many of his extraordinary original paintings are hanging and matted prints are also offered for sale.

Dave and Roger talking about their mutual travel, internet and art interests

Bansemer became the 112th person to dive to the Titanic, the sixth person under the stern, and the first artist to have painted Titanic on site. This book chronicles his journey in a mixture paintings, photos, and digitally-painted images. He almost didn’t make it out to the site as a hurricane churning in the southeast Atlantic kept him in St. John’s, Newfoundland, waiting. But an artist uses his time to observe and paint, and his love of painting nature and lighthouses thus play their part in this book too. Then his lifelong fascination with painting ships takes over as he sails out to the research vessel Keldysh. All the details of the adventure, the wondrous submersible Mir, and finally the ghostly remains of the Titanic appear from the artist’s brush.

Roger Bansemer published many Art-Books. You can see them here: http://www.bansemer.com/books/books.htm

Hi my friends,

Finally I had a better connection again and could finally bring this post online.

Thanks for all your kind comments to my last post. It's a great feeling to read all your wonderful compliments about my photography, thank you so much! :)

We will be heading tomorrow towards NC again and then probably up to direction NW.... we don't know it for sure just now, where we will be and where to go , but I heard also that Montana must be beautiful. Any suggestions...? :)

Stay with me - and see you there!
Susanne and David


The Retired One said...

How nice of you to highlight another artist...
you two are artists too, with your gorgeous photography.
Been missing your landscape photos and your sunsets....

Maia said...

He is one of my favorite artists too. I gathered all his videos but these are the best pictures I've eves seen about him.

Anne Vis said...

Great photos and such an inspiring story! You are making such an impressive journey! Would be lovely to see you in Amsterdam! :-)


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